Art in the Redmond Library: Fiber Art Quilts, Fused Glass & Watercolor Portraits

Through September, the Redmond Library will have an array of art in several mediums, fiber, fused glass and watercolor paintings created by local artists.

Fiber art quilts will be displayed by two Central Oregon groups,    Undercover Quilters Book Club and The High Desert Quilt Guild. The Undercover Quilters Book Club, a local book club/quilters group will be showing their art quilts based upon the book The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Each artist brings a different image to life from their reaction to this novel. The High Desert Quilt Guild of Redmond will exhibit an amazing variety of quilts from several of its members.

Laurel Werhane creates beautiful fused glass art works. She uses high quality glass and materials specializing in bright and colorful hand-crafted designs while continuing to experiment with new glass art techniques.  Laurel’s latest creations where inspired by the passing of the family dog, Gus. She began designing affordable fused pendants, pocket memorial stones, and plates sprinkled with the ashes of beloved pets.   Laurel meets with each family to hear stories and admire photos of their beloved pet. She then customizes her art to fit their special sense of style and design.  Her memorial keepsakes help heal the heart and keep memories close.  You can see more of Laurel’s work on Face Book page GoodLife Glass.

 Art has been a life-long interest for Lawrence Koppy. He is a member of Plein Air Painters of Oregon and enjoys painting with watercolors for their unpredictable nature which, with some practice, still allows a certain amount of control. Koppy’s solo exhibition in the Silent Reading Room will feature his characterization of five famous gunfighters.

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