Art in the Redmond Library, Two local artists featured in June Exhibit

Lee Barker will share an array of amazing metal, wood and found object sculptures. While tapping into the spirit of using what’s nearby, Lee puts together components that had a prior life, seeking to honor those creators on the way to realizing something new, engagingly greater than the sum of the parts.
Lee’s inspiration comes from his lifelong fascination with things that go. Some of his pieces imply motion while others feature moving parts. Sometimes the elements have a commonality in shape, or base metal or proportion. Sometimes their intricate designs nudge him to a creeping elegance; other times their muscular functionality dominates the process and the endgame.
Dory Hethcote has created beautiful acrylic paintings which are evocative of her history and feelings about the geology of the Oregon seaside, high desert and other geological wonders of the West. Dory describes painting as “an amazing threshold, which allows her to travel and explore her conscious and unconscious thoughts and memories as a visual story for her audience to consider.”

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