Art Reminds Us of Renewal & Rebirth

((L) Great Horned Owl II by Carolyn Waissman. (R) Flower Garden by Ken Marunowski)

As we spring into summer and nature starts to bloom, the natural world is reflected in art. This allows us to capture the majesty of nature and bring it indoors to enjoy for a lifetime and beyond. The Artists’ Gallery Sunriver is packed full of eye candy for those who love all types of art. From fine art in oils, acrylics, watercolor and mixed media to wood art that is both decorative and functional, the gallery has so much to choose from. Add in textile art, handmade jewelry, glass, pottery, mosaics, sculpture and you can feast your eyes for hours — not to mention find that perfect gift for a special someone or yourself! 

Ken Marunowski: Fine Art in Oils 

Oil painting artist Ken Marunowski says his style is influenced by the rich traditions of French Impressionism and American Abstract Expressionism. These movements have molded Ken’s medium-to-large oil paintings to bring together elements of both artistic movements in dynamic, colorful compositions. Ken calls his paintings “celebrations of color and mark-making, intended to bring joy and wonder to viewers of them.” Whether completely abstract or abstract impressionist in style, Ken continuously seeks novel color relationships and compositions so that he may constantly grow as an artist. Such exploratory efforts result in a wide variety of images, some soft and subtle, others wild and daring, but all meant to offer feelings of positivity and intrigue. Landscapes are often featured in the paintings, occasionally observed but often filtered through memory and sensation. Spring and fall when colors abound are Ken’s favorite seasons to evoke as blooming trees and turning leaves respectively resound with the cycle of life in which we all participate. Sophisticated and colorful, Ken’s painting draw the viewer in and keep him or her there to insert their own story into each piece. Ken’s work needs to be viewed in person to appreciate the bold strokes, nuances and movement of the art. 

Carolyn Waissman: Nature Photographer

Longtime Sunriver photographer and naturalist Carolyn Waissman is known for shooting portraits of Sunriver wildlife predators and other wildlife. Carolyn’s work is currently featuring three predators in the Sunriver area. These three common predators all eat a variety of food. Be sure to keep your small domestic pets — cats and dogs — inside, especially at night, as they would be a delicious meal for one of these great hunters.

BOBCAT (LYNX RUFUS) — Here in Sunriver, but not often seen

Bobcats are solitary and mostly nocturnal and they hunt by stealth. They are opportunistic carnivores. Rabbits are one of their primary food items, but they also eat a variety of small rodents, and birds. 

COYOTE (CANNIS LATRANUS) — Look for Coyotes in the Sunriver Meadow.

Coyotes live dens and family groups and will live together with their young for almost a year. They have a remarkably varied diet, small mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, berries and other fruit. They can often be seen hunting and pouncing on prey over in the Sunriver Meadow.


The Great Horned Owl nests in trees and are frequently seen perched high up to 70 feet in trees and can be heard vocalizing in territorial defense. Whoo Whoo, is a familiar call heard in Sunriver.

Come and enjoy additional wildlife photographs by Carolyn at The Artists’ Gallery Sunriver.

Amy Pfeiffer: Metalsmith

Metalsmith Amy Pfeiffer is fascinated by the earth’s geology and incorporates it into her jewelry. A rock hound and nature lover, Amy collects interesting rocks and gems along her hikes. She then designs her jewelry around them. Amy’s first step in her jewelry making journey was learning lapidary in 2012. Here she is able to uncover and expose the hidden beauty of the rocks/gems she finds. Then she designs metal shapes to best show off the stone or gem. Most of her pieces incorporate the beauty of nature. Amy uses copper, brass and sterling silver in her handmade creations. You can find hair clips, key chains, brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings in her collection. If you love organic jewelry, you should look at Amy’s jewelry collection available at the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver. 

Jim Fister: Wood Artist

Wood wizard Jim Fister specializes in natural edge functional art and accessories. Jim’s art is designed to be touched and used. He incorporates the beauty of nature in his work by not overly processing the wood and sometimes adding natural stone. Jim says his secret is “to apply minimal manipulation to create useable art that is a welcome addition to any setting.” His furniture reflects the great Northwest in its strength, natural design and understated elegance. Incorporating both the rough and finished parts of the wood gives each piece that rugged Northwest feeling. 

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village • 57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg. 19, Sunriver • 541 593 4382

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