Artists – Why You Should Consider Making 2018 The Year You Start Experimenting with a Drawing Tablet

Drawing and painting are things we, as humans, have done for just about as long as we have existed, as ways to communicate our ideas and emotions and to express ourselves – as well as to create things that are simply beautiful.

In modern times, however, some artists have embraced digital tools, whereas others haven’t yet made any forays into digital art creation. If you see yourself as a traditionalist when it comes to materials and mediums, then you may feel somewhat resistant to trying new approaches that involve digital manipulation or see it as less pure. However, art is all about making things that are new, and so it can be a very good idea to break out of your comfort zone and see what you can create with a drawing tablet and art software.

Bringing Technology into Your Work

Being able to turn something blank into something unique and meaningful is an amazing ability that artists have always worked to develop. However, most of us settle on one medium we feel works best for us, whether it is watercolor, oil, ink or even pencil.

However, with the use of modern art technology, it is possible to use the same techniques we currently use with fewer materials, far less set up and clean up time, less space, and far more flexibility, to create even better images. All of this can be done with a drawing tablet.

More Shareable Art

Ultimately, most artists want their work to be seen and enjoyed, and these days, the best way to have your work seen by as many people as possible is for it to be displayed online. With drawings and paintings done using physical materials, this means scans or photos, which can never really capture exactly what your piece looks like. Things created on a drawing tablet directly, on the other hand, look fantastic on a screen, and as a bonus, you can make as many high-quality prints as you want to if you want to sell an image.

More Freedom to Change

When you make a mistake in a drawing or painting, it can be quite problematic to fix. You are also restricted if you decide partway through the work that you wish you’d used a different color for an element of the picture, or that you’d arranged the composition slightly differently. With digital art drawn on a drawing tablet, you have complete freedom to make these changes without leaving a trace, and you can also reuse assets from one image in another – great if you are doing something like comic book art or character concept art.


Finding a tablet that suits your personal style of working is, of course, the key to getting these benefits in a way you’ll find easy to move to, and is a good place to start for advice on choosing the best tools for you.

Whether you end up using your tablet for all of your future work, or just for some experimental projects, it will certainly broaden your skill set, and can also be a good place to sketch out ideas to help you plan physical artwork.

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