An Artist’s Experience:  Working Through Stoppage in the Creative Process. 

Working Through Feeling Stuck

Ever feel stuck?  Whether it is a situation in your everyday life, or in the process of your current Art project, feeling stuck is something that happens.  When you don’t know what to do next – you feel stuck.  When outside circumstances limit you – you feel stuck.  When the Creative Muse takes a vacation (without asking for time off) – you feel stuck.  What to do?

This is the topic of an upcoming class being offered through SageBrushers, called,  An Artist’s Experience: Working Through Stoppage in the Creative Process.  The class will take actual experiences from the participants and explore possibilities that often result in the ability to move forward.  Blockages release.  Creative flow begins again.  The Creative Muse returns from vacation.

Facilitating the class  is Steven Biesmann, a certified focusing trainer,  Steven is familiar with how to meet the feeling of being stuck.  Focusing principles of patience, listening, inviting  and inner awareness will be discussed as possible ways to meet this experience.

Rather than just a presentation of strategies prescribed to reclaim creative momentum, the class will explore actual experiences from the artists to see the particular common elements shared in these experiences. How these elements can be met with  patience, listening, invitation and awareness will be considered.

Steven is a long time Bend resident and his creative endeavors take place in his woodworking shop.  His wife, Tricia, is a fiber artist at the Red Chair Gallery.  His office is on Century Drive in Bend where he meets with clients for focusing and spiritual direction.

An Artist’s Experience:  Working Through Stoppage in the Creative Process
Saturday, April 1,  10-11:30am
uesday,  April 4,  1:30-3pm.
Limit : 12 participants
Cost  $10  (donated to SageBrushers).

To register contact Nancy Misek, or 541-388-1567.

Steven Biesmann or 541-410-9039.

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