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ChuckChamberlainFall is such a beautiful time of the year in Sunriver. The pace slows a bit and the afternoon light is beautiful as it shines though the boughs of the pine trees. It is a good time to reflect on all that is good about Central Oregon. This month the Artists’ Gallery of Sunriver will focus on Love, Hope, Cure as the artists bring attention to cancer awareness.

There will be much fun and laughter at the Second Saturday Artists Celebration, October 11, 4-6pm and all art lovers need to come to the gallery and enjoy art, beverages and food.

While you are noshing on something good, you can spend a moment chatting with one of the gallery’s featured artists, Chuck Chamberlain. Chamberlain’s incredible oil paintings never cease to amaze viewers. The artist is able to capture the very atmosphere of a scene when he paints one of his popular landscapes. Using a subtle combination of color and technique, he produces an end product that is much more than the individual components of the composition. In one of his more recent paintings depicting snow capped mountains, the light is golden as it warms the mountains.

Photographer Patrick Windsor is also featuring beautiful work that expresses the beauty of the outdoors. Many visitors to the gallery must stop and ponder just how it is that Windsor is able to capture some of the images in his work. One of these images is of a Cutthroat Trout with a fly hooked in his mouth. Fortunately, the artist is also a fishing guide here in the Central Oregon area so he is able to use all of his skills while setting up this shot. Now in most “fish pictures,” the fish is gasping outside of the water while posing for his photo. Not so with Windsor’s Trout portrait. He first hooks the fish on the line, and then photographs it under the water. When you are here at the galley for the Second Saturday event, you can have Patrick explain to you exactly how he accomplishes this feat.

The beauty of fall is also an inspiration for gourd artist Susan Harkness Williams. Of course, just about everything seems to be an inspiration to this artist. Her gourd art pieces vary in size, colors and theme based upon her current influence. Some of her most popular pieces during the summer depict Sunriver birds and small wildlife. There are the most delicate carvings of Quail families moving around the outside of one piece. On others, crows fly and frolic. Harkness Williams utilizes a variety of textures and colors to make her pieces lively. She has really captured the essence of fall with several new delicately carved pieces that appear to be real leaves. One of the pieces is apply titled, I’ll Remember September.

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