Artists Gallery Sunriver

The beauty of Autumn, a bit of a slow down in activities, and two new artists at the Artists Gallery in Sunriver make for good reasons to stop by and enjoy some food, drink, laughter, and art at the gallery’s Second Saturday Celebration. Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 10, 4 to 6pm. While you are enjoying a glass of wine, you can make some gift purchases for the holidays and have them gift wrapped! You won’t want to miss spending an evening with the featured artists who are both as unique as their art.

Featured artist painter Sylvia Avenius-Ford grew up in Africa and South America and her mixed media art is heavily influenced by those cultures. Life in third world countries bombards the senses with an intensity of information, color and movement. Avenius-Ford believes that she subconsciously recreates that kinesthetic quality in her paintings and sculptures. Highly saturated color, line, and texture all combine to produce an unbelievably happy view of the world. When you meet this talented artist, you will be able to observe how her personality and experiences combine to produce such unabashedly joyous and beautiful art.

Featured artist coppersmith David Gutierrez grew up a surfer kid in Southern California. That love of the ocean ultimately brought him to the Northwest via the Navy. His art career began as an apprenticeship in the sheet metal industry where Architectural copper work made up most of his business. After retirement, Gutierrez became a volunteer blacksmith at a Living History museum where he perfected his iron blacksmithing and discovered that copper could also be forged. The artist now uses “old school” methods of coal forging to allow him to create unique copper art pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Pieces range from beautiful earrings (great gifts!) to spoons, bowls and trays.

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