Artists Gallery Sunriver Sails into September


Farewell to Summer recognizes the creative minds behind metal art, oil and acrylic painting and silver and gold hand crafted jewelry. They’ll reflect lovingly on the busy wonderful summer and greet the fall with new excitement.

Join the artists for their Second Saturday reception September 8 from 4-7pm.  As always the hospitality includes light appetizers and beverages to enjoy while shopping for art. Come learn the latest art class offerings and chat with four featured artists. Enter to win Deni Porter’s signature poster of the Sunriver area. This month the featured artists include Dorota Nowak, (painting), Midge Thomas (metal art), Bonnie Junell (oil painter) and Stella Powell (jewelry).

redkimonoNowak’s Polish roots and love of travel play predominantly in her colorful paintings. What began as her self proclaimed “therapy” has evolved into a beautiful expression of talent and passion. She was born in Katowice, Poland, an industrial town in the Silesia Region.

During her travels she discovered fascinating artists, diverse cultures and different religions. She was so intrigued and fascinated with her experiences, Nowak discovered that she could not live without art, which became her passion and part of her life.

In 1992, Nowak’s family immigrated to the U.S. to Long Beach, California.  She describes her art, “My paintings became a source of therapy which dealt with my personal problems and difficulties of life, and brought peace to my heart. In the beginning, I started to paint on small canvasses which encompassed simple images of flowers, animals and sceneries of the places that I visited. As I developed my own style, I created a simple beauty of my imagination, a world of vibrant colors utilizing bold brush strokes and textural palette knife techniques.”

Her subject matter includes a diverse imagery ranging from still lifes, florals and landscapes to animals, figuratives and images of nature.

midgeImagine the nearly five feet of sheer energy, Midge Thomas, embracing plasma cutting and welding as her newest love. This image of the diminutive powerhouse wearing her welding mask and yielding a blow torch gives this writer a chuckle. Thomas has been able to create complicated, beautiful and sophisticated metal art to the delight of her already large following.  If our readers can conceive it, she can create it.

She explained that she uses not one but four separate computer programs to create and cut the detailed art hanging on the gallery walls. The process includes a design, vector, sheet cutting and one for the mach 3 plasma cutter.  This small but mighty artist then grinds, employs texturizing metal welding and then her subtle but beautiful coloring processes.

When she is not hard at work in her studio space, she is running the operations of the Artists Gallery along with husband and partner, Gene Thomas. 

stellaCinderella fit. This is the non technical description of Stella Powell’s hand made jewelry. Her exacting standards are what make the fit of her beautiful jewelry pieces unique and truly wearable art.
She used 14k gold, sterling silver and copper combinations to great effect. Powell will add pearls, precious and semi precious stones. The Cinderella fit is experienced by the Gallery’s loyal patrons when the “just right” moment occurs. One look in the mirror tells the wearer that this is the piece for her. Sometimes they of course are given as gifts as well.

“Missy,” as she is sometimes referred to in the Gallery, is heralded in her Metal Arts Guild for her personal gold standard of excellence in her jewelry pieces. Stop by the Gallery but plan on taking your time so that you too can achieve your very own Cinderella moment.

bonnieBonnie Junell has become some what of a legend at the Gallery. Not only does Junell bring her Nordstrom’s style experience to the “feel” of the gallery, the windows and signage, but she also is a prolific oil painter of magnificent beauty.

Junell joined the Gallery in November 2010 and is also involved in one woman shows in her Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon second home. She finds time for art shows like the Sunriver Art Faire and exhibits throughout the year in various fine art shows in the Northwest.

Three new pieces grace the walls of Artists Gallery. Lead the Race, Early Morning Poppies and Morning Reflections. Each are original oils. Chat with Junell and she will share the inspirations and motivations behind these latest additions to the Gallery.

Junell has also emerged as the art instructor in chief. Throughout the year she has lead oil painting classes to the total delight of her students. Her classes are well attended and acclaimed for being “fun and packed full of tips for beginners as well as those looking to hone their oil painting skills.”

Check the web site for the latest class schedule or call 541-593-4382 to sign up.

Artists wishing to join Central Oregon’s fastest growing gallery should contact

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