Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village

(Above: Chinese Checkers by Greg Cotton)

Great Art Picks up Where Nature Begins

Artists’ Gallery two featured artists are both inspired by nature. Greg Cotton’s intricate wood creations begin with nature’s bounty of natural gorgeous wood colors. Jesica Carleton’s mosaic creations are inspired by what we see in nature as well as the myriad colors of rainbows.

Our new gallery mosaic artist, Jesica Carleton, has always been drawn to color, the more vibrant the better. In another place and time, she was an avid quilter, but since she discovered mosaic art 8 years ago it has been an ongoing love affair. Using a combination of stained glass, recycled glass and ceramic tile, beads and found objects, her creations are truly one of a kind. Jesica enjoys challenging herself to see what she can depict with little bits of glass, with each new piece often a departure from the previous one… color, style, size, materials and subject.

“I start with an idea or image in mind but have to immediately let go of any expectation that it will end up where I originally intended. That’s part of the joy of it, and a little nerve-wracking, that my mosaic pieces usually evolve in their own direction. I never know how they’re going to look in the end! I’m constantly learning to relax into that, and let the current piece reveal itself in its own time.”

Greg Cotton’s wood art is functional as well as beautiful and finished with precision. From beautiful cutting boards to clip boards and even door stops…the pieces are to be used daily.

Greg is known for creating beautiful wood puzzle boxes and game boards. “I want my games to be enjoyed by multiple generations over the years. They are to be left out and displayed as an artwork ready to bring people together to enjoy the game.”

The chess board is crafted of fiddleback maple and wenge wood squares. The border is crafted of South American walnut. This is destined to become a real family heirloom.

Join the 30 artists on Saturday, April 14th from 4-6pm for our monthly Food, Wine, Beer and fun evening. Come and meet our new gallery artists and enjoy many new creations in the gallery.

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