Monarch by Sheridan Rotermund

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village Remembers Fall

Fall is a great time to visit the Artists’ Gallery of Sunriver to admire the October sun shining through beautiful glass art pieces by stained glass artist, Sheridan Rotermund.  Or incredible piece of pottery for an early holiday gift made by potter, Dori Kite.  You can enjoy both treats any day of the week, but for a really good time, you should arrive at the gallery between 4–6 pm on Saturday, October 10 for the Second Saturday Celebration.

The gallery’s artists will all be there and ready to welcome you with food and drink!

Potter, Dori Kite, is a Bend native and began her pottery career at Bend High in the seventies and finished her schooling with a BA from Eastern Oregon University.  Kite is inspired by texture, colors, and pattern in nature and architectural forms.  Her process has her photographing or sketching decorative themes that catch her eye.  Her inspiration can be from a Mend hi henna design or a palm leaf.  All of her work is fresh and fun.

Most recently Kite added some beautifully intricate Raku vessels to her many other popular pieces.  The Raku vessels display a very controlled pattern technique while still preserving the raw beauty of the process.  Often the gallery is still scented with the campfire smell left over from the Raku process itself.  Other more functional pieces, such as cups, platters, bowls, and small pitchers, take inspiration from the colors of a mallard duck or a watermelon.  Some pieces, like a vessel to hold oil for cooking, have a whimsical image of Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive Oil.

Glass artist, Sheridan Rotermund, is new to the Gallery this summer.  After studying fine art in New York, Rotermund most recently kept a studio and showed in galleries in Carmel and Halfmoon Bay, California.  The artist is challenged by the intricacy of creating scenes that are less commonly attempted by others who work in the medium.  Subjects for some of his pieces are unforgettable cityscapes of New York City, San Francisco, and Rio.

Rotermund’s use of extremely small pieces of glass gives his creations a depth of detail that is astonishing.  His pieces come in a range of sizes, colors and subject matter.  In one piece, depicting Koi in a pond, Rotermund’s technique actually makes the Koi  appear to be under the water.

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