Artist’s Studio Tour In & Around Sisters

(Studio of Caroline Stratton Crow, Sculpture by J. Chester Armstrong)

On the last weekend in June, artists in the Sisters area are opening their studios to the public for an up-close view of their creative processes. This is the third annual Artist’s Studio Tour sponsored by the Sisters Arts Association.

This year, the tour has been expanded from one day to two, and the number of artists has grown to 25. Studios will be open on Saturday and Sunday, June 29 and 30, from 10am to 4pm. This is a free, self-guided driving tour and includes studios in Tumalo, Sisters, Eagle Crest, Squaw Creek Canyon Estates, along Holmes Road and in the Deschutes Canyon just north of Tetherow Crossing. This is a great opportunity to visit studios, meet the artists and discuss their creative visions and techniques. You can also purchase original works of art directly from the artists.

Among the 25 widely collectable artists is sculptor Danae Miller. She is most recently known for creating Journey Through A Land of Contrasts, centerpiece of the Sisters Roundabout. The majestic elk and three antelope were foundry cast in bronze from forms made of wax in Danae’s studio. She’s also a printmaker. Her work in two- and three-dimensions is influenced by the wildlife she sees all around her.

Other sculptors on the tour include Gary Cooley at the Collection Gallery in Sisters, and J. Chester “Skip” Armstrong. Annie Dyer is a potter who creates unique and functional pieces that combine the smooth, rich surfaces of glazed clay with the raw, unfinished textures of nature.

Longtime Sisters potter Ken Merrill throws and fires wall art, lamps and functional ware at Canyon Creek Pottery in Sisters. Mary Moore creates one-of-a-kind clay figures at her studio in Eagle Crest. If you are a fan of handmade pottery, these three studios are must-stops on your route. On the tour are painters specializing in pastels, watercolors — both opaque and translucent — acrylics, pastel pencil, mixed media and oils. They include Caroline Stratton Crow, Chris Nelson, JoAnn Burgess, Linda Hanson, Norma Holmes, Paul Bennett, Randall Tillery, Sandy Melchiori, Sandy Dutko, Terri Dill-Simpson and Winnie Givot.

Each artist’s studio is unique. Norma Holmes will have a sample of her forthcoming book, Land Escapes, and Paul Bennett will have his newly released book, Night Skies on hand. Randall Tillery and Chuck Chamberlain are veterans of many artist studio tours and particularly enjoy the one-on-one contact with patrons of their work.

Jennifer Hartwig creates one-of-a-kind scratchboard art, sitting in her cozy home studio in the woods along Wychus Creek. She hopes to educate more people about the scratchboard art. She says, “A lot of people want to have a personal connection with the artist as well as their work, and a studio affords the perfect opportunity.”

Two very unique studios belong to glass artists Susie Zeitner of Z Glass Act in Sisters, and Mel Archer, located between Sisters and Redmond. Z Glass Act combines lighting fixtures and glassware, along with custom glass creations. Susie calls her work “painting with light” and involves building imagery through the glass. Mel’s work is multi-layered glass landscapes, inspired by this area and painted in glass colors that he creates himself. The view from both of these studios is worth the effort to visit.

All Artists on the 2019 Tour:

Annie Dyer • Caroline Stratton Crow • Chris Nelson • Chuck Chamberlain • Clarke Berryman • Danae Miller • Gary Cooley • J. Chester Armstrong • Jeni Kelleher • Jennifer Hartwig • JoAnn Burgess • Kay Baker • Ken Merrill • Linda Hanson • Mike Stasko • Mary Moore • Mel Archer • Norma Holmes • Paul Alan Bennett • Randall Tillery • Sandra Melchiori • Sandy Dutko • Suzie Zeitner • Terri-Dill Simpson • Winnie Givot

Each of the artists participating in the tour is profiled at


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