Author & Book Signing Event at Deschutes Historical Museum October 15-16, 2021

(Photo | Courtesy of Deschutes Historical Museum)

The Deschutes County Historical Society welcomes local author Valentyne with a meet and greet book signing of his new book Ghost King, book one in the Ghosts are Good series. The book signing takes place Friday, October 15 and Saturday, October 16, from 4-8pm at the Deschutes Historical Museum during the Historical Haunts of Downtown Bend walking tour event.

The Deschutes Historical Museum and its resident ghost, George, make their fiction debut in the book.

Before being resuscitated, Kasper Kloven fell in love with a ghost. Electric blue eyes and a touch so cold it felt hot, Oliver, the ghost boy, never left Kasper’s mind. Though his search for ghosts in the years following proved fruitless, only in death did Kasper learn he had been right. Ghosts were real, and they had been watching. Not only that, but they had been moved by his belief in them, and chose him to be their king. Kasper’s desire is to create a realm that embodies what he knows to be true: ghosts are good. With Oliver by his side, eternity before him, and trials to win, Kasper has but one weapon: his heart. Can Kasper withstand the weight of his crown once he learns what it really means to become the Ghost King? • 541-389-1813 •

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