Beat the Boredom: 5 Ways to Get Inspired on the Commute

Many busy professionals view the commute to work as an imposition. Yet, it can be one of the most productive moments in your day if you allow it to be, as it provides the perfect opportunity to embrace creativity, organization, and mental clarity. Here are five ways to get inspired on the commute.

  1. Unplug from Electronics

While technology is changing people’s lives for the better, it can be causing unwanted anxiety or distress. For example, people have developed a bad habit of constantly checking their phone to browse their emails, social media profiles and news stories.

It can, therefore, be beneficial to disconnect from mobile technologies, even for just an hour a day. Many people use their mobile phones out of sheer habit, but their time might be better spent observing their surroundings and allowing their mind to wander, which will help to restore their mental energy and, as a result, embrace creativity. You’ll feel less frazzled at the end of the day, too.

  1. Read a Book

Rather than waiting for inspiration to strike, start reading on the commute to work to become a more creative professional. Reading allows you to develop thoughts, build images, form opinions and develop ideas. It doesn’t matter how long or short your commute to work is, pick up a book each morning and read it on the train or bus. Even if you only manage to read a page or two at a time.

  1. Listen to an Audiobook

There could be various reasons why you cannot read a book on the commute to work. Maybe you are driving a company car from expert VW dealers Scotland, or you might struggle to read with tired eyes. If so, consider buying an audiobook, which you can listen to when driving from A to B. It will certainly provide some light relief when you’re stuck in traffic, which can eliminate stress.

  1. Listen to Music

According to Psychology Today, music can positively impact your creativity and energy levels. It’s for this reason why many people listen to music during exercise, as listening to fast-paced, upbeat music can help them get into the zone to work harder and dream bigger. It is, therefore, the perfect activity to enjoy on the commute to work.

The music you listen to can determine your daydreams. So, if you’re feeling sad, put on a happy song. If you’re feeling stressed, listen to slow music that will calm you down. Think about how you feel on the commute to and from work and find a song to counteract a negative emotion. It will help to reduce stress, increase your energy or ignite a passion.

  1. Write a To-Do List

Do you feel as if everything is getting on top of you at work? Juggling too many tasks or struggling with too much pressure? Use your commute wisely by writing a to-do list every morning, which can help you to identify priorities for the day ahead and tasks you can complete another day. As a result, you’ll enter the workplace feeling both motivated and inspired, which can reduce anxiety and stress.

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