Bernie’s First Christmas

#6 Harry and Lola Adventures Book
Released to Support Three Rivers Humane Society

The legendary leader Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Jerilee Drynan and her husband run Three Rivers Humane Society in Madras. They believe that Central Oregon’s homeless dogs need the best care we can possibly give them while waiting to find a forever home.

Three Rivers Humane Society offers large outdoor play space for their rescues and divides the dogs into play groups to insure safe, exciting activity for all the adoptees. Another valuable service they offer adopting owners is lifetime behavior support. When you adopt a rescued dog you adopt all the habits that were created up to that point in its life. Some of those habits may not be the ones you want to live with. This offer of behavior support can be priceless for new owners of some dogs.

Author and illustrator, Jean Russell Nave learned about the outstanding care offered by Three Rivers Humane Society when she and her husband adopted a bonded pair of Scottish Terriers from them. Soon after the adoption Nave decided to write another children’s book, Bernie’s First Christmas, dedicating the royalties to Three Rivers Humane Society. The new book, part of the Harry and Lola Adventures Series available on, is a somewhat true story of their rescued Scottie, Bernie.

Nave became an author 1984 when she began working as a corporate motivational speaker and trainer. She also spent time as a cable television host for two series and she had numerous self-help books published before retiring to Central Oregon in the 1990s. After retirement, she and her husband became involved with adopting rescued Scottish Terriers and learned how badly rescue organizations needed financial suport.

After a short time Jean began writing and illustrating what became a series of children’s books about Harry and Lola, her bonded pair of rescued Scotties. All author’s royalties of the first five books went to Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue (ASTR), which was Oregon’s breed specific rescue group at the time. A few years ago the organization moved out of Oregon.

Jean took a break from writing books while dealing with cancer, about the time ASTR moved.  Once she was healthy again, she and her husband adopted the pair of Scotties from Three Rivers Humane Society. The excellent care the organization offered the Scotties, and the joy of having more dogs in the house again made Jean think about writing this new book.

“Before cancer I’d take the three Scotties we had to Black Butte Ranch and Eagle Crest to read to kids in their recreation centers. The Scotties loved visiting with the children and the youngsters were thrilled to meet and play with the dogs after hearing a story about them,” said Nave. “Jerilee Drynan and I decided that I’d bring the real Bernie with me to her booth at the Holiday Market at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on December 8. Youngsters will be able to pet and walk Bernie after they hear me read his story, Bernie’s First Christmas.”

Copies of the book will be available for sale, supporting Three Rivers High school. The book is also available on or at Paulina Springs Books in Sisters. For more information call 541-475-6889 or visit

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