Brainstorming a New Novel with Central Oregon Writers Guild

Saturday Workshop with Jill Williamson, August 20, 10am to 1pm at Aspen Ridge in Bend.

Jill’s workshop will allow attendees to apply the process she will present during her meeting presentation.  Attendees should expect to be encouraged to take an idea through this process, step-by-step.

•Premise – Where do great ideas come from? We’ll discuss high concepts, loglines, intriguing questions, and how to search your own life for ideas. Then we’ll look at different ways to hone those ideas, grow them, and ultimately test them to see if they’re enough to carry a full novel.

•Building Your World – Whether you’re writing in this world or creating a world of your own, your setting should feel like a real place. We’ll discuss techniques for using your setting in a way that will immerse readers into your world.

•Creating Compelling Characters – We’ll go through a step-by-step process to help you create authentic characters that your readers will never forget. We’ll discuss character backstory, motivation, tags, archetypal roles, interactions with other characters, and tools to help you keep track of it all.

•Creating Intriguing Plots – The three-act structure is not the only plot type out there. We’ll talk about why it’s so successful, then take a look at some other plot structures like the Hero’s Journey, the Map Plot, the Puzzle Plot, the Ensemble Plot, the Chainlink Plot, the Repeat Plot, the Yes And—No But style of storytelling, and List Weaving.

•Weaving in Theme – Simply put, theme is what your story says about life and the human condition. We’ll consider all the different ways theme can be used in a novel. It can be obvious or subtle, leave readers with a question or some kind of feeling, reveal a universal truth, or inspire readers to a higher level of humanity.

Cost of Workshop: COWG Members — $25.00  —— Non members 35.00

You may pay at the door or at the next meeting, August 18.  There will be a sign-up sheet at the next meeting.  If you would like to reserve a spot now, please reply to this email.

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