Capturing Moments in Time

(Artwork by Michelle I. Lane)

Redmond artist, Michelle I. Lane is pleased to present Capturing Moments in Time at the Bedouin Clothing and Café of Sisters for the month of May 2019.

Michelle I. Lane, Multimedia Artist

Michelle I. Lane began painting after retirement. She had been an educator and counselor in K-8 schools, primarily assisting students in their social-emotional development. In her work, she often used art activities to relieve their stress and promote their ability to communicate. At the same time, she was curious to learn more about the process of creating art.

After arriving in Redmond, Michelle began taking watercolor painting classes from highly accomplished watercolorist, Winnie Givot of Sisters. Michelle continues to study watercolor painting and drawing on her own and with several other accomplished artists through classes and workshops.

“Painting in watercolor is one of my passions,” said Michelle. “The other is golf. Both are relaxing, meditative, challenging and require focus. Creating an image that captures someone’s attention and helps one to pause, breathe, relax or smile is the challenge and the reward. As there are so many books to read, there are also so many wonderful sights and things to paint. It has become a lifelong pursuit.”

Bedouin is located at 143 E Hood Ave. in Sisters, open Sunday-Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Michelle I. Lane •

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