Cascade A&E Magazine Presents Cover Artist Shireen Gastineau

(Left) Shireen Gastineau (Right) Fall Reflected, oil by Shireen Gastineau)

I aim to give you mystery and puzzles that captivate you for a moment; causing you to pause, reflect, and think of possibilities.

My work has been described as “fresh and unique.” I believe my upbringing, oft ‘off-grid’ before that was a ‘thing’, in Southern Oregon, contributed to this. I’m not used to the status quo of art practices; my thoughts on art did not have confines or expectations. School-age art classes were the extent of ‘formal’ teaching.

For my photography career, I was self-taught. Film to digital, nature to abstract, I love it all. Meeting a fellow artist by chance changed the course of my digital art. I am honored to call Dorothy Freudenberg of Tumalo Art Company a friend. She recognized the passion, and dare I say, talent, to invest her time in me.

The major body of my work, till now, has been in photography. I love bold architecture as well as colorful art that often resembles a painting. Creating abstract or impressionistic works allows a freedom of creativity; the perfect balance of structure and whimsy.

Attending a Sip ‘n Paint class in May, I was bitten by the bug of holding a paintbrush again, after 40 years.

I quickly signed up with Sagebrushers, then a beginning watercolor class by Penelope Yougnfeather. As a photographer that had created painting-like images, I had a base of knowledge to build on. The insightful way she taught was a key and incredibly helpful spark on my journey. Always seeking more skill, I recently began an oil painting class with Mike Wise. He was instrumental in helping me understand where to begin in oils. My oil painting Santa wouldn’t be here today without the encouragement from these mentors along the way. I am incredibly honored and grateful that my Santa painting was chosen for Cascade A&E Magazine.

I have been a nurse for 35 years. When I grow up I want to be a full-time artist. I hail from Southern Oregon, (with my childhood pal and husband). For many years we have enjoyed our Central Oregon ‘home.’

I am self-promoted, accept commissions. A sampling of my work may be viewed at

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