Cascade A&E Presents December Cover Artist Lori Orlando

(Raging Through Winter, pastel, oil by Lori Orlando)

“My art journey began with a fascination with textiles. I designed and created art quilts and knitted garments which inspired my interest in learning other mediums beginning with two-dimensional art. My love for colored pencils, pastels and oil evolved from my passion for color and how it relates to light and shapes. My style started out as realism but has relaxed into more impressionistic focusing on wildlife, landscapes and still-life. I am always evolving, and realize my style is changing constantly — becoming more bold, using bright colors and abstracting the subject matter to create something more interesting out of ordinary things. My choice of subject can be anything from food, birds to buoys. Something sparks an interest and I feel a call to attempt to put what I see on canvas.

“My first love was colored pencils because of the ability to control the medium. I enjoy pastels for their buttery texture and ease to blend on many surfaces. They lend themselves to soft subdued finishes, unlike oils where I can express myself with bold, strong colors, crisp lines and detail. I love how all mediums allow me to work slowly, giving me time to become totally absorbed in every aspect. The play of color, light and shadow as it develops in a painting gives me a sense of excitement, anticipation and fulfillment in each work.

“Each of us is blessed with unique talents. It is an honor for me to use mine to create, inspire and promote art.”

Lori’s education includes accounting major Chico State University, Chico, California and DKG Fine Art, private and group lessons from June 2018 to July 2021. Her shows include Sagebrushers Art Society Pastel Show May-June 2022, Betty Grey Galley, Solo show February-April 2022, Cascade Sothebys, Solo show, August-September 2021, DKG Fine Art Student Show, April 2021, September 2022 and North Valley Art League, April 2019, September 2020, December 2021. She was previously on display for sale at Cafe Paradiso and Ewe Baa Street Yarns, Redding, California, Peephole Gallery, Yachats Oregon and permanently on display as a member at Artists’ Gallery Sunriver. She is also a member of SageBrushers of Bend Art Society, NorthValley Art League, Trinity Arts Council and Shasta County Arts Council.

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