Cascades Theatrical Company Opens I Remember You

The next main stage production opens on Friday, April 25 at the Greenwood Playhouse. I Remember You, written by Bernard Slade, is the story of Buddy, a lounge singer who has seen better days, and is haunted by a short, passionate affair he enjoyed with an English woman 25 years ago.  


Set in a smoky Manhattan cabaret, amidst the plinking piano keys and whiskey-smooth standards, the charming piano player, Buddy lands in a love triangle.

Bernard Slade also wrote Same Time Next Year in 1975.  He is also known for his development of iconic TV shows such as The Flying Nun, The Partridge Family and Bridget Loves Bernie.

The talented cast,  directed by Brad Thompson, for this show is Tom Atkinson as Buddy, Alyce Pearce as Prunella, Miranda Harrison as Tracy and Mike Ficher as Oliver.

This delightful show, which has been called “…the perfectly-crafted romantic comedy…a species now almost extinct…is brought back to glorious life.” Will run from April 25 to May 10.  


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