Central Oregon Rhythm Project

Central Oregon Rhythm Project is a tap dance company based in Bend that aims to spread the love of tap dance, its history and music throughout the community. They hope to honor the past of tap dancing while striving to be a part of its future. A Night of Rhythm In Motion is set for June 27 at 7:30pm at The Tower Theatre.

Under the artistic direction of Kelsey Leonard, CORP is proud to present their premier show: Sound Storm: A Night of Rhythm In Motion. June 27 at 7:30pm at The Tower Theatre. The show will feature all ten members of CORP, many local musicians, and special guest artists Jessie Sawyers from Seattle and Tony Loupe from Portland.

Leonard has been tap dancing for 20 years and teaching for ten. She studied under her mentor, Cindy Brenn, in Portland growing up. She has since been fortunate to train with many master tap dancers. She started Central Oregon Rhythm Project to spread her passion for tap dance as well as inspire herself and others.

CORP is working with The Tower’s education outreach program to work with the local Boys and Girls Clubs to come into the clubs and educate them about how important dance and music is to our history as well as having them come to the dress rehearsal of the show.

Kelsey Leonard

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