The Classical Works of Noah Buchanan


   Classical artist, Noah Buchanan, channels the fine art masters in his gorgeous, biologically pristine paintings and drawings. Represented by John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, Buchanan’s work captures light and movement in a way that is inherently natural, but also capable of identifying with viewers on a metaphysical level. It could be his massive mural in the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, WI that gives off the impression that Buchanan’s pieces have some sort of theological presence, but really it is his advanced knowledge of anatomy that makes viewers feel so connected.



As a past student and current professor of anatomy and figure drawing, Buchanan’s understanding of the human body and form is demonstrated within each piece. The use of light aids to express the importance of muscle when it comes to movement and form, as each figure provocatively stretches, bends and shifts to create its own story within the painting. The many nude figures and portraits by Buchanan are not only an ode to the classical masters, but a beautiful display of commitment to fusing fine art and intellect.



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