Cowgirl Cash: Preventing Coronavirus with Style

(Rebecca Charlton, owner of Cowgirl Cash in Bend, sews face masks in her home basement while her son attends college online. | Photo Courtesy of Cowgirl Cash )

Local Western vintage shop, Cowgirl Cash, is making beautiful face masks to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in a fashionable way.

Prior to the shop closing due to Coronavirus, owner Rebecca Charlton placed an order for 12 bolts of gorgeous, cotton fabric. The fabric was originally intended for retail sale by the yard and to be used for a small line of locally made dresses.

“I sat at home, sheltering in place, stunned like the rest of us. I heard a story about grocery workers, feeling grateful and cared for when shoppers showed up with masks protecting their faces. I had no way to make a mask with a filter, and frankly my sewing skills didn’t allow for me to make one with a nice pocket, so I sewed a few double cotton face masks that the CDC had just recommended people begin wearing,” said Charlton.

“I put them on my social media account as a ‘give-away’ to promote the new fabric. The response to the ‘Market mask’ was clear. People needed and wanted pretty masks to wear when they went out,” said Charlton. She then started gathering up the same seamstresses she uses to make the dresses, refined the pattern because elastic could no longer be found, and got to work. 

Despite the cost of the fabric and the time it takes to sew each one with love and attention, masks are only $20 each. Purchase of these masks not only helps prevent the spread of Coronavirus in our community, but supports local business. They have shipped masks to New York City, Portland, Maine and most recently an Air Force base in Europe. However, the majority stay in Central Oregon.

“We hope our ‘Market Masks’ are helping to slow the spread of the virus in our community,” said Charlton. Cowgirl Cash is open 12-3pm, Wednesday through Friday. Because it is deemed a “non-essential business,” the door will be locked. Just knock. You can also email to They will deliver to the local area with an order of five or more masks.


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