Elephant Cloud Books Whisper My Name

Bend-based Elephant Cloud Books released their first children’s book on Amazon.com in September 2016.  Whisper My Name by Jay Wright is a story about the bond between a newborn and her loving family. It’s a perfect gift for any new parent, grandparent, or family member that embraces the joy of an emerging young life.

Whisper My Name is the infant’s wish to her loved ones, “so I learn it from you.” Initially only available online, it’s beginning to appear on the shelves of local book and gift shops.
Wright started writing and illustrating stories for his niece and nephew five years ago.  This recent book was written in anticipation for his granddaughter, born in the Spring 2016.  He lives, plays and daydreams in Bend.

Jay Wright • jaywright00@gmail.com, 503-504-6052

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