Fort Rock General Store by Gary Chandler

Farewell to Summer at Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village

Summer may be moving on, but there is still great art to be seen at the Artists’ Gallery of Sunriver. Come bid Farewell to Summer with the artists at the gallery’s Second Saturday Celebration. Festivities run from 4-6pm on Saturday, September 12. Enjoy the beautiful art including many new featured pieces, while munching and sipping on great food and drink.
Santa Fe Sun is the latest in Susan Harkness-Williams’ mask collections reflecting her influence and love of the Southwest. The symmetrical mask features warm colors, colorful feathers, turquoise beads and buds, glass beads and crowning the head are bull horns. This is a unique take on the Sun worshiping Natives of the area. Find Mystique in the Halls of the Ancients is a highly carved hanging vessel. This impact piece has a contemporary and organic nature to the design.
Shirley Checkos’ lifelike artwork captures the beautiful details of each animal and bird she paints. Shirley has an enduring connection to nature that is expressed through the eyes of her subjects. One of her newest paintings, Hoot the Barn Owl, depicts the tranquil, yet mysterious demeanor of the captivating and noble bird.
Maggie Down and Gary Chandler, Sunriver photographers, are featured this month. Among the many images that they photographed are two pieces that really play up the beautiful atmospheric sense of the subjects.
Using various digital darkroom techniques, the duo takes photography to a higher level.
Use of a WACOM tablet, pens and brushes allows the artists to add a uniqueness to each photograph. Artwork ranges in size from small framed works to larger ones printed on paper, canvas and metal. Gary’s piece, Fort Rock General Store, captures the stark beauty of the desert. Maggie’s piece, Mountain Meadow, speaks to the softness and delicate beauty of the mountains and forest.
When viewing the depth of skill and talent demonstrated in the acrylic paintings of artist Chuck Chamberlain, it is difficult to reconcile those painting with the serendipitous way in which his career in fine art began. At the age of 30, he was re-gifted a “Famous Artist’s” painting course by his sister. After four lessons, he was hooked. It is easy to recognize his New England background in the variety of painting subjects that draw his attention. Back roads, fishing, hunting, barns and covered bridges are excellent opportunities for Chuck to demonstrate his in depth observations of light and color.
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