For the Love of Photography 

(Photo above: My Magic Kingdom by Dorothy Eberhardt)

Dorothy Eberhardt has always loved to create. This love has led her to a lifetime of investigating different mediums and varied aspects of the art world.

Dorothy began as an art teacher and then transitioned into a 35 year career of creating and selling fine crafts at art shows from Oregon to Florida. Copper enameling was her first medium. When her husband left the ski industry to join the business, her medium became enamel and wood. After her husband passed away, Dorothy again changed her medium, this time to photography. Her love of photography started when her father (an avid photographer) gave her a Brownie camera at the age of ten.

Living in beautiful Central Oregon since 1972, Dorothy’s love of nature grew and her photography changed to become landscape photography. Her goal is to create fine art photographs that capture the magic of a particular place in its best form. Dorothy’s degree in art education and the many years of creating artwork, allow her to achieve that goal. Design elements like value, shape, color, line, form, texture, pattern and light are used to create a painting as well as a magical fine art photograph. The challenge of how you find and capture the magic is the story behind every photo. Just being out in nature is the bonus that Dorothy says feeds her soul. She may not come back with a printable photo, but she always has a good time.

One of the joys of photography for Dorothy is that it allows her to share the many magical moments that she has experienced in nature with everyone who sees her photos.

Dorothy Eberhardt has been a member of the Red Chair Art Gallery for eight years. She will be the featured artist for September.

A collection of photos can be seen at Dorothy Eberhardt Photography on Facebook.

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