Great Things Are Happening at Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village

((Left) Piece by Peter Roussel. (Right) Piece by Sylvia A. Ford)

Winter is grinding along, and we are all looking for entertainment that does not require a big effort! Well, there are all types of action at the Sunriver Artists’ Gallery in the Sunriver Village. Although we have wished the best on future projects to some of our most beloved and popular artists, we are excited to say hello to new artists. We have added three artists to the Gallery since the New Year, and they are more than worth coming to the Gallery to check out. Cheryl Chapman, glass enamel artist, produces paintings on glass! She literally must paint them backwards on the wrong side of the glass. Andries Fourie, mixed media artist, utilizes elements of painting, sculpture, and printmaking in his work. Travis Cope creates unique woodcraft that often have a useful purpose. The art of each of these three new members of the Gallery is unlike any existing art pieces at the Gallery.

In addition to new artists and ever-changing art by existing artists, the Gallery is featuring two of its most popular and successful artists. 

You will be delighted with new work by Sylvia Alvenius-Ford, painter of whimsical and light-hearted pieces that provide multiple levels of enjoyment for the viewer. Initially attracted to the pieces because of the artist’s use of intense and saturated colors, the viewer moves closer to appreciate the texture of the pieces. Each image is an intricate presentation of movement and light created using some very non-traditional methods (like kitty litter). Further examination unveils the story behind the images. Alvenius-Ford’s many years living in Africa and South America fuel the artist’s imagination. Her goal is to make the viewer happy.

Also featured is potter Peter Roussel. At the Gallery, he is lovingly referred to as Peter the Potter. His light-hearted personality is reflected in each of his pieces. His use of alternative firing techniques to finish his large decorative pieces allows each piece to become a blank canvas for a range of dazzling colors and textures. Some pieces are fired multiple times. Some are fired with foil wrapped around them. His glazing processes include nothing traditional. The artist prefers raku, pit, sagger, and smoke firing. Says Peter the Potter, “When each piece is cooled and the foil is removed, the true serendipity of playing with nature is revealed.”

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village • Building 19 • 541-593-4382

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