Hero’s Welcome Puppet Show at 2nd Street Theater

herowelcomeBenefit for Central Oregon Veteran’s Outreach (COVO) August 3-4. Hero’s Welcome employs universal stories in the broad context of dealing with trauma.


For many veterans, returning home from a deployment is an extremely difficult transition. In addition to physical scars and injuries, they might be dealing with PTSD, grieving the loss of a fellow service member or facing challenges in their family life.  

Hero’s Welcome is a unique puppet show, created by Sarah Holloway PhD, which addresses this often-frightening new reality in a fun, non-threatening performance using myths and folktales from around the world.

Because Hero’s Welcome employs universal stories in the broad context of dealing with trauma, it is appropriate for young audiences aged 4-8 years from all walks of life, not just military families. This unique production features two styles of puppets, reflecting the multiculturalism of the stories presented: large, rod-style puppets for the Korean folktale The Tiger’s Whisker and Scandinavian glove-style puppets for the ancient Norse myth Tyr’s Hand.   


2nd Street Theater
220 NE Lafayette, Bend

August 3-4, 2pm
Benefit for Central Oregon Veteran’s Outreach (COVO). This unique production premiered in 2011 on Veteran’s Day as a fundraising event for the Returning Veterans Project.
Admission is a $5 suggested donation per family.  Tickets are available at the door one hour before each performance, seating is limited.

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