Cast of Let’s Hangem High and Read the Will, courtesy of High Desert Theatre Company

High Desert Theatre Company Let’s Hangem High & Read the Will

The High Desert Community Theater Guild presents Let’s Hangem High and Read the Will (by Pat Cook).

All is not well in the little burg of Beautyrest Springs. Its most prominent (and hated) citizen, F. Mycroft Tanner, did himself in. At least, that’s what Sheriff Harold Tyred reports in between his visits with Martha, the maid, who was also seeing Percy, the gardener, who is sweet on Freida, the reporter, who really wants the inside scoop on Mycroft’s death (and his rather plush will).
It is up to fat cat attorney, Lamar Lee Rascal, to unravel all this and find the missing will, Mycroft’s diamond ring and the misplaced family scrapbook. He is distracted, however, by running into Mycroft’s daffy sister, Jemmy Jean, who he left at the altar some 25 years ago.

If you think it’s all too confusing, wait until two people show up claiming to be the same long-lost daughter, the murdered maid’s older sister puts in an appearance and a tour guide starts bringing groups through the scene of the crime. This riotous spoof is full of soap opera-isms and will keep you guessing until the last suspect you suspected is no longer a suspect.

March 16-18 at 7pm, March 19 at 2pm.

Madras High School Performing Arts Center at 412 SE Buff St. Madras.

Admittance is free but tickets are necessary, available at the Madras Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, 541-475-2350, and the Culver City Hall, 541-546-6494. Donations are gladly accepted at the performances.


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