Holidays Kicks into Winter at First Friday in Downtown Bend


Artist at Alleda Real Estate, 25 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste 1
Dorothy Holmes thru December. Dorothy has been interested in art since attending classes at Cambridge University in 1980. Her love of art and all things old and crusty came together nicely in England – drawing century old buildings and castles; while maybe not very good…she was hooked. Focusing for over ten years in the Reno-Tahoe area on making peoples walls and ceilings look very old through a unique layering process of decorative painting techniques, Dorothy has now taken that love of layering paint and plaster down off the scaffolding to where it’s safer on to canvasses.
Her current fascination is with the interplay of old and new, sleek and hard, rusty and shiny. Dorothy moved to Bend from Nevada in 2014. Her decorative painting work has been featured on and and represented at Ryries Art and Home (Art Gallery) in Reno, Nevada.
Jamie Vikos, Stringsoil, a plant art company in Bend specializing in creative and custom string gardens. They make living sculptures that are unconfined. Each of the hand crafted arrangements is unique.
Tony Lawrence, of Boneyard Beer, will be doing a beer tasting on First Friday.

Arts Central & the Art Station
313 SW Shevlin Hixon Dr., 541-617-1317
First Friday will run from 10am-12pm and the theme will be Paper Mache. Kick off First Friday with a family-friendly activity at the Art Station! Kids and adults can get creative with a self-guided art activity with one of our instructors. Special morning sessions from 10am-12pm are perfect for homeschoolers. Evening sessions from 4-6pm offer art making in one studio and adult refreshments in the other! Adults, please accompany youth under 18 at all times.

PLEASE NOTE; All Images in this Press Release are Silver Gelatin Photographs

PAULA BULLWINKEL, INSTRUCTOR: Hestia Is Concerned and Makes Inquiries, silver
gelatin photograph
Beatrix Thinks About Taking A Trip, silver gelatin
TIM WULF, ASST. INSTRUCTOR: Camper, silver gelatin photograph

RICHARD ANDERSON: Untitled (dolls in pool), silver gelatin photograph

COURTNEY BELLEFUEILLE: Movement: Self Portrait, silver gelatin photograph

MORGAN CAMPBELL: Self Portrait, silver gelatin photograph

Olivia HARO: 1, 2, Buckle My Shoe, silver gelatin photograph
Tea Party, silver gelatin photograph
Art in the Atrium, Franklin Crossing, 550 NW Franklin
Celebrates First Friday with black and white film photography by Paula Bullwinkel, instructor of film photography and photography students at Central Oregon Community College.
Entitled Visual Culture: Black and White Film Photography by COCC Instructors and Students, the exhibition presents new silver gelatin photographs. Advanced photography students at COCC shot film, developed it, and printed images by hand in the darkroom working with instruction from Paula Bullwinkel and her assistant, Tim Wulf.

The exhibition presents engaging and challenging art emphasizing the exploration of personal vision by students using traditional, hands-on, photographic techniques. Young, contemporary artists share a unique interpretation of their experience in the world today.

In addition to exhibiting exceptional art by students, the show seeks to educate viewers that film photography remains a viable methodology, flourishing among artists. COCC is a regional leader in advancing the fine art of film photography and young photographers. The college offers beginning and advanced black and white photography courses taught by Bullwinkel.

Prior to COCC, Bullwinkel was hired by Andy Warhol and photographed Kevin Bacon, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo and Kate Moss. For 18 years in NYC and London, major magazines such as Vogue, Interview, GQ, British Elle and Details commissioned her work. She photographed musical artists including Lenny Kravitz, Capt. Beefheart and Suzanne Vega. Currently, she is a photographer and a painter based in Bend. For additional information see and

Noi Thai serves wine and appetizers with jazz by the Tommy Leroy Trio, Tom Freedman, bass, Dave Calvert, piano, and Georges Bouhey, drums. Billye Turner, art consultant (, organizes exhibitions for Franklin Crossing.
(Attached image: Print by Dallas Fredericks).

Atelier 6000
389 SW Scalehouse Ct., Ste. 120, 541-330-8759,
Opening reception for Sculpture into Print on First Friday. This invitational exhibit features the work of six local sculptors as they bridge into varied forms of printmaking.

Several of the exhibiting artists will discuss their experience translating sculpture to print at a free Art Talk on Friday, November 13 at 6pm.

A6 invited six Central Oregon sculptors—Sandy Anderson, DanaeBennet Miller, Bill Cravis, Steve Franzen, Dallas Fredericks, Lillian Pitt, and Abney Wallace—to create prints informed by their recent sculpture. Master printmaker Patricia Clark provided technical assistance to Anderson, Franzen and Pitt, and A6 Artist Member Julie Winter assisted Fredericks.

According to A6 founder Patricia Clark, “This exhibit illustrates how easily artists of different mediums can bridge into printmaking,” said Clark. “Printmaking is incredibly broad and offers exciting ways for artists to expand upon and enrich their work.” Many of the exhibit’s sculptors were relatively new to printmaking. A6 introduced these artists to print mediums that offered a similar aesthetic or creative process to their three-dimensional work.
“In preparing for this exhibit, we connected with the grand tradition of the atelier,” explained A6’s Executive Director Dawn Boone. “A6 is a place where artists of all backgrounds can come and learn new skills from master printmakers.”
Azillion Beads
910 Harriman St., Ste. 100, 541-617-8854
Featuring Azillion Bead’s jewelry artists.

Bluebird Coffee Company, 550 NW Franklin Ave. (Entrance on Bond Street)
Thru December. Wavelengths, 19 images from William Hoppe’s recent series form a parade of events moving through the visible spectrum and referring poetically to the unseen waves of the electromagnetic
spectrum. Recently the cover image for A&E, this series played an important role in inspiring the new large scale paintings in Bill’s October exhibition at COCC.
Hoppe is an accomplished Bend artist whose work, much of it massive in scale, occupies dozens of collections, public and private, across the country. Notable Northwest collections, which one may easily access, include The Art Museums of Seattle, Portland, Bellevue and Tacoma, The Oregon Convention Center and The Oregon State Capitol.
During his career, as a studio artist and art teacher, Bill’s work has been featured in galleries in every major city in America, with international shows in France and Japan.
Cascade | Sotheby’s
821 NW Wall St. 541-549-4653,
Thomas Chavalia developed his technique and eye for photography by trial and error during his travels in the United States and Europe. His work typically focuses on what he calls “forgotten America.” Please join us to meet the artist, see his wonderful photography and enjoy complimentary wine & appetizers.
City Walls at City Hall
710 NW Wall
City Walls at City Hall, an arts initiative of the City of Bend Arts, Beautification and Culture Commission announce a special exhibition featuring the works of studio artists from The Workhouse.
As a recipient of the 2014 Arts, Beautification and Culture Commission’s Annual Award, The Workhouse has proven to be a key contributor to the cultural life of Bend. The Workhouse is model for promoting the engagement between artists and the community through their inviting workshop/studio space and high quality classes.
The exhibit, coordinated by Cari Brown, features Lisa Marie Sipe, Abney Wallace, Christian Brown, Natalie V Mason and Karen Eland.
The show will begin at a public reception with the artists on First Friday. Thru March 2016.
115 NW Minnesota Ave., 512-289-1284
Mexican folk art, Latin American textiles and David Marsh furniture.
Deschutes Brewery Public House, 1044 NW Bond St., downtown Bend
2016 Wild Desert Calendar Release Party—showcasing the photography of the 2016Wild Desert Calendar and some of the best images from the last decade. Thru November. www.

Desperado Boutique
Old Mill District, 330 SW Powerhouse Dr. 541-749-9980
Featuring Bend artist Barbara Slater who is inspired by the “out west” way of life and cowboy culture with a touch of city glitz. Painting oils with energy and spirit, this artist’s pigmentation is rich and succulent, while her brushwork is bold and responsive.
Douglas Fine Jewelry, 920 NW Bond St. Ste. 106, 541-389-2901,
Featuring original jewelry designed by award winning designers Steve & Elyse Douglas. Douglas Jewelry Design has the largest variety of Oregon Sunstone gemstone jewelry in the Northwest.

Feather’s Edge Finery
113 NW Minnesota Ave. 541-306-3162,
Our shop features functional, well crafted, handmade goods from Bend & beyond. We always have fun, new items featured for First Friday.
Jeffrey Murray Photography
118 NW Minnesota Ave. 925-389-0610, Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.
Landscape photography by Jeffrey Murray from local and national locations.
Jenny Green Gallery, 849 NW Wall St., 541-280-1124,,
A contemporary fine art gallery, recently opened for a limited engagement at the historic Liberty Theater. Visitors will enjoy an exciting exhibition of contemporary West-Coast art and receive a sneak peek of works the gallery will be taking to international art fairs later this winter.

John Paul Designs Custom Jewelry + Signature Series
1006 NW Bond St.,
Specializing in unique, one of a kind wedding and engagement rings in a variety of metals.

Karen Bandy Design Jeweler
25 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste. 5, 541-388-0155,
Energy Healing Tune-up and you’re invited!
Please join me for a special evening featuring Beth Hattenberger of Thriving Body & Soul.
Beth will be offering Energy Healing Tune-ups for interested Art Hop attendees. Join us from 5-8pm Oct. 2, Art Hop. Tucked between Thump Coffee and Alleda Real Estate, Karen Bandy is Central Oregon’s only national/international award-winning jewelry designer, specializing in custom design in downtown Bend since 1987. Her designs are bold, fun and always very wearable. Bandy is also an abstract acrylic painter whose work is described as colorful and textural contemporary fine art. When there is an actual subject, horses and wild animals are often depicted. Open Tues., Wed., Thurs., 11:30am-5pm and by appointment, and First Fridays 5-9pm.
Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery
Old Mill District, second story loft, 541-330-0840,
The Lubbesmeyer twins offer a range of work created in fiber and paint. Through the twins’ collaborative process, they distill literal imagery into vivid blocks of color and texture, creating an abstracted view of their surroundings. Working studio / gallery open Tuesday thru Saturday.

Mary Medrano Gallery
25 NW Minnesota, Ste. 12, 408-250-2732,
Mary Medrano shows her newest figurative works and dog paintings. Her work has been shown in the U.S. and Italy with several solo shows in California including John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis and Gallery Blu in Santa Clara, Ameriprise Financial in San José, Bank of America in Sunnyvale and Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest.

Mockingbird Gallery
869 NW Wall St., 541-388-2107,
A wide range of subject matter with group show is titled Mockingbird A-Z featuring new paintings, bronze sculpture and mixed media from a number of the gallery artists. Rich Hurdle and Friends will be performing on First Friday.
The participating artists are Mitch Baird, Dawn Emerson, Julee Hutchison, Eric Jacobsen, Ned Mueller, Sandra Pratt, Ken Roth, Scott Switzer, John C. Traynor, Xiaogang Zhu, Craig Zuger among others.
Sandy Brooke Galena, oil on linen
Lynchburg, VA, oil on linen

Oxford Hotel, 10 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-382-8436
Sandy Brooke’s oil paintings thru November 27. Brooke retired in summer 2015 as an Associate Professor at OSU Cascades with 24 years combined teaching experience on the Corvallis and Bend campus. She created her current series, Environmental Chaos, Fire and Water, following retirement.

The artist notes that paintings from the series are transformations of media images of fires that polluted and destroyed picturesque rivers from Canada to Arkansas during the past summer. The derailment and explosion of oil tankers transported by railway caused the fires and, due to the oil contents, were impossible to extinguish.

The artist notes that these paintings evolved from her disturbing memories of media visuals of the disasters. Each painting holds a stilled moment of such potent memories, each related to the other, collectively remembered as panorama of furious fire.

Brooke quotes Andrew Thurber, a scientist working in the Antarctic, “Artists help people appreciate environments that are out of the reach of the vast majority of the world’s populace.” Art, then, is more than an observable object but an extension of the viewer’s reality. In this instance, it juxtaposes inexorable horror with engaging beauty.

Billye Turner, art consultant, organizes exhibitions for the Oxford Hotel with additional information at 503-780-2828 or
Accompanying this announcement is the attached
Photo by Linda Shelton entitled, Autumn Glow
Pave Fine Jewelry, 101 NW Minnesota Avenue
During November SageBrushers Art Society artists Linda Shelton and Kay Baker.
photos Images Included:
New York Beauties-1-Wanless

Piacentini Studio and Gallery, 1293 NE Third St., 541-633-7055,

Colour Forms is the exploration of color, shape, pattern and texture in hand-dyed, marbled and paste papers cut and arranged into geometric patterns and nature-inspired designs by Bend artist, Becky Wanless.
Wanless has worked in the criminal justice system for twenty five years. “My assemblages are a reflection of what intrigues me–colors, shapes, patterns and textures in nature– seashells, tree bark, seed pods, even the geometry of quilt blocks. I enjoy the meditative and meticulous process of their construction. It creates balance, joy and awareness that there is order in the chaos of every day.”
Piacentini Studio And Gallery is a working studio/gallery featuring contemporary art through paper, text, image and sculptural forms located in Bend’s Makers District.

Business hours are 1-4pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday and by appointment.


Red Chair Gallery
103 NW Oregon Ave., 541-306-3176,
Kim McClain worked in healthcare for most of her career but felt a deeper yearning to explore the idea of Healing Arts. This led her to painting in 2006 where she has been inspired by beauty, color, and mystery. As a visual language, painting allows her to express her emotional response to her inner and outer world. Her work is infused with sensual color and often is contemplative and symbolic.
Will Nash lives and works in Bend and builds acoustic instruments, furniture and sculpted housewares. The varying textures of his work maintain the integrity of the carving tools and is countered by the smooth surfaces that are brought to a polish before he applies his finishes.
Deb Borine creates kiln formed glass that is a dance of heat, gravity, and fusion that makes a luminous piece of art. The play of light through the glass creating depth, texture, and color is what Deb seeks in making her glass art. Bowls, plates, and platters are some of her functional items, and her landscape pieces are to enjoy on display. Deb has become known for her colorful garlic plates that make the perfect gift for you or someone you know.

Attached image – Desert Scorpion by Sandra Neary
Sage Custom Framing and Gallery
834 NW Brooks Street

Featuring Sandra Neary’s Desert Series of acrylic watercolor paintings. The La Pine artist is well known for use of color, shape and value in landscapes, portraits and non-representational works. This show features new works created from the artist’s impressions of the southwest desert using watermedia and collage. The show includes both representational and abstract paintings featuring the colors and shapes inspired by the land and peoples who live there.
Neary is particularly interested in the spiritual aspect of life there as native peoples struggled to survive in a harsh environment. She believes that the artist should bring a sense of self to each painting through the use of color and form so that each painting becomes a piece of the artist. “The process of painting should be a continual learning experience.”

Small World Collectibles, 123 NW Franklin Ave.,
Bend’s source for Department 56 is now displaying ALL Christmas and Halloween, Department 56 Villages in their newly open Holiday House. Not only the light up villages for you to see, but beautiful ornaments from around the world, Santa & Snowmen figures and the largest collection of Specialty Ornament in Central Oregon. Small world Collectibles is proud to be your Holiday gift and décor store, so stop by and visit with owner Rod Hunt and see what’s new, enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy life a little. It is that time of year where we all smile a little bit more, because it is the Holiday Season, Ho Ho Ho!!

The Wine Shop, 55 NW Minnesota Ave
Stop by for a glass of wine and see great works by SageBrushers artists, Gillian Burton and
Sue Lyon Manley. Thru November
Townshend’s Bend Teahouse,835 NW Bond Street Carissa Glenn, 541-312-2001 or

Artist and printmaker Kelli MacConnell embraces a unique relationship with nature that continuously sparks her imaginative work in Townshend’s November exhibition Timberland. MacConnell explores landscapes with careful observation and translates her natural surroundings into richly detailed linocut prints. Timberland focuses on the expansive, diverse environment of the Pacific Northwest landscape with the simple use of contrast and minimal color and line manipulation to create exhilarating compositions – all inspired by the natural world. Through her creations, she strives to show how one person can both exist in civilization and remain connected to nature.

Sister Folk Festival Conga Line, Paul Alan Bennett
Tumalo Art Company, Old Mill District.; 541-385-9144
New Works by Paul Alan Bennett will be in the forefront at First Friday Gallery Walk.
Known for his “knit” style using gouache paint, Bennett works in a number of different styles and media. “I have always thought of my paintings as my inventions. As such, it doesn’t matter what style or materials I work with as long as it has that spark of the creative spirit about it. My working process is one of discovery and play, similar to solving a crossword puzzle, but different in that there are many ‘right’ answers.”
Paul’s paintings have won numerous local and national awards, he has been featured on Oregon Art Beat, is a painter of murals and teaches art at COCC, as well as doing innovative art projects with both adults and school children.

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