How can artists avoid slipping into addiction?

The entertainment industry is no stranger to drug and substance abuse.

The constant pressure and stress of work compel their slip.

In the past, many artists like Mac Miller, Jackson Odell and Tom Petty have fallen prey to this addiction and lost their lives. Many others had to go to rehab for recovery.

Drugs do give a moment of respite and pleasure but the user fails to understand its long term harm. It affects a person’s ability to think right and causes cognitive impairment along with physical damage.

But fortunately, this slip can easily be avoided. Let’s understand how.

Slipping into an addiction

The hectic life of artists, constant pressure to deliver a hit, demeaning social media trolls and issues in personal life turns them towards drugs and alcohol. It can be through the illicit use of prescription drugs or other intravenous substances.

When you consume drugs, there is a feeling of euphoria that surrounds your body. The dopamine level in your body increases to give you a rush of happiness and pleasure. You start craving for more, which finally turns into an addiction. If this addiction persists, the damage it causes becomes irreparable.

Gradually your tolerance towards drugs increases and so do your doses to attain the desired effects. It may even lead to overdose if you don’t stop yourself and go into recovery.

Here are some symptoms you need to look out for:

  • Hallucinations
  • Elevated mood, euphoria
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • An alteration in visual, auditory and taste perception
  • Paranoia
  • Vomiting

How to prevent addiction?

The old adage of ‘prevention is better than cure’ fits here perfectly. Early preventive action taken right before your final slip into addiction can save your life. Here’s how you can prevent the slip:

Go to therapy: Get in touch with a therapist who has experience in addiction therapy. If you are impulsive, have poor self-control, or are stressed, you can talk it out with them.

Deal with your past trauma: This is one of the major reasons behind drug abuse. When you are under the influence, you seem to forget the past traumas that continue to haunt till date. Try to get past these issues with the help of a therapist, support groups, and keeping yourself busy.

Reach out: Talk to someone close to you. Tell them about your problems and symptoms if you have any. Choose your friends wisely and try to avoid bad company. Stay away from people who have easy access to drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances.

Learn about the consequences of drug use: Getting to know about the consequences of drug and substance abuse can help you steer clear of them. You need to understand the harmful effects of addiction and the painful withdrawal process.

Join prevention programs: Take part in support groups and sign yourself up for a research-based prevention program. These programs are set up by individuals of various age groups who wish to escape the slip into addiction. These work to eliminate and reduce the risk factors of drug usage significantly.

Drug detox

Taking drugs for a long time can lead to a build-up of toxic chemicals in the body. Apart from stopping the drug use entirely, you need to free up the body from residues of past usage to get fully cleansed. Drug detoxes can help you cleanse the body in a thorough manner in such a case.

Detoxification is a process wherein the toxic/foreign substances are removed from the body while managing the withdrawal symptoms.

In the case of drugs, detox supplements are more effective than natural and home remedies, according to As you are not fully addicted, a non-medical detox program is good for you. A specific detox program is prescribed to you depending on the number of toxins you are exposed to,

For instance, using the best THC detox products can help expel weed metabolites from your system, as this study shows. It not only eliminates the toxins, but also promotes your overall health.

Medical detox is important if you are addicted. It is the first process of rehabilitation. Celebrities like Ben Affleck, Demi Lovato, Melanie Brown, and others have received similar treatment and recovered successfully.


Drug and substance abuse is common in the US. With several celebrities and artists indulging in it, it had led to their wider acceptance in the community. Off lately, many of them are coming forward with their experiences to make the public aware of the consequences.

This has had a positive influence on the fans as they relate to their idols. It’s important to fight the addiction and ask for help. If you notice the signs and take early steps to tackle the problem, it can be prevented.

Go for detox whenever necessary and embrace sobriety over addiction.  It’s never too late to begin again. We can’t say that the road to recovery is easy but it is sure worth it. You just need to push yourself a bit!

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