How to Wear Spring Trends 2011


New trends arrive every season, but that doesn’t mean everybody can wear every trend. Here are some spring 2011 trends that can go all wrong if not worn properly.

Mid-calf skirt

If you are Nicole Kidman with legs for days tiny calves, by all means, wear the mid-calf skirt trend. However, if your legs lower half are shorter than your upper half /or your calves are full, this look is not going to be flattering. Instead wear a mini skirt to add visual length to your leg or a pencil skirt that ends just above the knee at the narrowest point.


Stripes continue to stay on as a trend this spring. However, horizontal stripes are only flattering when they are worn in an area you want to build visual width volume. So if you have wider hips than your shoulders, avoid the long horizontal striped shirts that hug your hips. If you have narrow shoulders wear them in a t-shirt

We are seeing a lot of vertical stripes in the minimalist movement. This look can be a great visual divide in a given area. However, if you are curvy, stripes will move with the curve of your body can look ill-fitted. Stripes can be tricky, get the fit right the scale of the stripe to match the scale of your body to look balanced. Consider choosing diagonal stripes –if the fit is right, they can be universally flattering.


Although the cape has been around for a few seasons, it made a big statement during the 2011 runway shows. The capes ranged from all-American alternative to glamorous chic. To flatter your figure, you want to focus on the length of the cape, choosing end spot at a narrow point. For example if you have narrow hips, end your cape there, if you have a tiny waist, showcase it by wearing a cropped cape ending at the top of your defined waist. Also be careful not get drown by an oversized cape, it isn’t hiding anything, just adding visual pounds.

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