Huckleberry Harvest Ceremonial Feast

The 17th Annual Huckleberry Harvest Feel the Spirit is scheduled for August 11 at Kah-Nee-Ta Resort. This will be an exciting evening of arts and fun! (not to be confused with The Huckleberry Feast which is a ceremonial feast to give thanks for the Huckleberries, held in Warm Springs every August).

The Museum at Warm Springs must raise two-thirds of its annual  budget to keep The Museum operating through the year. During these economic times and challenging budgetary conditions, The Museum staff says they must proactively work towards strengthening their financial position. The proceeds from Huckleberry Harvest, including the auctions, help to provide tremendous support for The Museum to fullfill its educational mission.

The evening begins with tasty hors‘ doeuvres/reception and a silent auction. Be prepared for some fun but fierce competion as guests bid on quality art work, local bead work, jewelry, gift certificates and much more.

A gourmet dinner is served and with dessert comes one of the high lights of the evening, the live auction.

Warm Springs tribal member demonstrators share their art including master bead artists and basket makers.


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