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theworkhouseThe table—one of the most understated human inventions. It’s a place  to share the fruits of our labor; where conversations happen; a place to ponder ideas and make goods. It’s an essential device that perpetuates the beauty of human life.


The Workhouse has a table. Mounted on old solid iron 2x4s, it spans over 15 feet and seats 20—or more. Remnant of the Old Mill, the table is made of old growth timber coated with a precious patina speaking its age and the many hands that have traversed its surface.

This September The Workhouse is officially debuting The Workhouse Arts and Culture Education Program. They are hosting workshops, discussions and events at the table ranging from arts & craft exploration, professional skills development, lifestyle studies and DIY projecting.

“Our aspiration is to continue to cultivate the seedbed of  active, contemporary arts culture that has organically been evolving in the area of the Old Iron Works,” says Leah Rutz. “Together with the other creative-use businesses that make up the Old Iron Works Arts District, we are artists and entrepreneurs in pursuit of a sustainable and meaningful livelihood.”

Through its active artists’ studios, retail gallery and now class program, The Workhouse is building momentum to be a hub where productive relationships are nurtured and local creativity flourishes.

“Our program will strengthen the local arts community by generating more opportunities for people to connect through arts exploration all while creating jobs for local artists and educators” continues Rutz. “Upcoming this Fall, we are sculpting original jewelry with Silver Metal Clay with artist Larissa Spafford. We are standing up and representing ourselves and our projects in Diane Allen’s Pitching Your Business for Artists, Entrepreneurs & The Generally Creative. We will “Sip N Dip” our paintbrushes with beer and coffee artist, Karen Eland. This Fall we will paint, we will write, we will eat, we will meet friends and we will invigorate our imaginations.”

In addition to the assortment of classes, they are premiering biweekly creativity labs for artists, thinkers and makers of any kind.  

Like an exercise class for our brain, these labs are a time and a place to stretch and strengthen our creative aptitude through discussion, exercises and exploration of diverse media in an informal educational setting.

Topics for this quarter include Cross Pollination: How to Find Innovation Through Interdisciplinary Study, Cultivated Habits of a Productive Creative: Flow, Mindset, & Discipline, and Spontaneous Combustion: Studies & Exercises in Idea Generation through Random Association.

Classes are held primarily on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on weekends.

50 SE Scott Street Suite #6, Bend (right behind The Sparrow Bakery).

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