Kim Chavez Creates Redmond Mascots

Redmond city officials recently dedicated past mascots of Redmond Union High School, middle school and the elementary school before becoming Redmond City Hall. Kim Chavez, a local artist, captured the past mascots in these sculptures now on display at the refurbished city hall.

The building is a historic part of the Redmond community, opened in 1922 as Union High School, the school allowed the city to have its first true school system. Before Union High School was opened, all 12 grades had been housed at a single site. A new high school was built in 1971 and the school was converted into a junior high, eventually becoming Evergreen Elementary and now, thanks to an ambitious renovation project, is home to Redmond
City Hall.

Chavez was commissioned to create three pieces that would honor the former mascots of each school that had been housed in the building — a golden panther, a wolf and an eagle. Each original bronze sculpture is perched upon a steel pedestal greeting guests at the main entry to the building.

Chavez has been a sculptor for over 25 years and has now has five installations in the City of Redmond art collection. You can see more of Kim’s work at or through the city of Redmond’s Art around
the Clock program.

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