Know Cosmos at Deschutes Public Library

In case you haven’t heard, there is a solar eclipse headed our way. Take the month of August to explore the eclipse as well as other objects and phenomena in our cosmos. From the search for life to the weird history of eclipses to black holes, join us as we journey through our galaxy and beyond. All programs are free and open to the public.
Breaking News from the Universe

Paul Bellaire, Physics Instructor in the Energy Systems Engineering Program at OSU-Cascades, leads a discussion of recent cosmic discoveries in the solar system and beyond, featuring recent images from astronomers and space agencies from around the world. August 2 Bend, August 5 Redmond.

Black Holes & Gravitational Waves
Black holes have not only been a theme in science fiction, but also played a pivotal role in our understanding of the cosmos. From motivating the need for the unifying string theory, to helping us confirm one of Einstein’s greatest predictions—gravitational waves—these stellar phenomena have had a huge impact on how we physically model the universe. Dr. Wendi Wampler will discuss the creation and physics of black holes and gravitational waves, as well as the new discoveries from LIGO and with their implications. August 8 La Pine, August 10 East Bend.

Eclipse Party
Learn about the solar eclipse and make a solar viewer at this program. This family program is ideal for caregivers and children of all ages.
August 9 Redmond.

Galaxy Party
Get celestial with DIY galaxy goo, crafts and more! This family program is ideal for caregivers and children of all ages. August 12 La Pine,
August 12 Sunriver.

Weird History of Eclipses
Did you know that Columbus tricked the Arawak Indians into feeding him and his crew for almost four months with a lunar eclipse? That astronomers proved Einstein’s theory of relativity using a solar eclipse? That an eclipse once stopped a war? Eclipses can be shocking and scary if you don’t know what’s happening. Presented by Meg Thacher from the Five College Astronomy Department at Smith College. August 17 Bend.

What to Expect During the Eclipse
Learn how to view the eclipse safely, and all the cool stuff you will see: the diamond ring effect, the corona, crescent-shaped shadows, shadow bands and stars and planets in the daytime sky! We’ll talk about timing and what to take with you. Presented by Meg Thacher of the Five College Astronomy Department at Smith College. August 18 Redmond.

Where We Are on Finding ET
The SETI movement ignites excitement in the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. From our earliest science fiction to our present day scientific search for life on other worlds, people love to imagine what other lifeforms might be out there. Presented by Dr. Brad Hughes and Dr. Joann Eisberg of Chaffey College. August 22 Bend.

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