List of online casinos in the UK

A brief history

The British people have always had a passion for a gamble with horse racing having been prevalent for hundreds of years a sport people like to bet on, or whether it’s on the fruit machine down at the pub. However today we’re going to look at the history and relationship between the UK and online casino providers.

The first ever online casino company graced the UK in 1994 and when by the name of Gaming Club which didn’t have live dealers then but rather virtual versions of games such as Roulette and Blackjack. Towards the turn of the century other providers we recognise today such as Playtech and NetEnt broke onto the scene providing more innovative options to gamble in an online casino.

Today we’re going to look at some of the more popular online casinos in the UK and why they are so popular.

Who are the major online casinos?

Now we are going to look at a list of sites in the UK where you can play in an online casino, this isn’t the full list but some of the largest and most reputable online casinos:-

  • – this is the casino subdivision of gambling giant 888 who also specialise in poker and sports betting and provider sign up bonuses to new players.
  • – this bookmaker as physical bookmaker outlets in the UK but also has an online casino where players can play a range of online casino games and table games.
  • – this company online has a presence online and is an online casino accessible for punters from the UK.
  • – this is another online-only casino provider that has a wide range of games to bet on and providers plays with 50 free spins upon sign up and gives you an extra spin for every £1 that you deposit.
  • – this online casino and sports book operator came onto the scene in 2007 and is located to Malta but holds licenses in the UK as well as a lot of other European countries.
  • – this is one of the biggest online casinos in the UK with a whole host of sign up and deposit bonuses up for grabs by players.
  • – this is the online casino branch of the most significant bookmakers in the whole of the UK with over 2200 licensed betting offices, and like many of its competitors offer many different bonuses and games to play online in their casino.
  • – this is by no doubt the most extensive online casino and sports book operator in the whole world, and UK players are free to sign up and bet in the Bet365 casino.

A final few words

As you can see, there is a vast choice when it comes to choosing an online casino provider to play with in the UK. The most ideal site for yourself will depend on what time of casino game you’re going to want to play, whether you want to play with a live dealer, what kind of bonuses you want from your sign up as well as deposits.

It is also worth considering checking reviews left by other players that have previously signed up to that casino in question to see how their experience was and whether they came across any issues such as delays when it comes to withdrawing or poor customer service.

Taking the time to do this research will ensure that you don’t make the same mistake or go through the same unsatisfactory experience potentially losing out on winnings.

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