Local Flare in Betty Gray Gallery

(Art by Bonnie Junell)

The Betty Gray Gallery at the Sunriver Lodge has featured many artists over its history. Two returning artists have combined in a show to feature new works that uniquely capture the spirit of Central Oregon.

Bill Hamilton credits his passion for art as a precious gift from God. Bill has been perfecting his craft for decades, bringing in techniques from his former career as a technical illustrator, and finding constant innovation through repetition. He paints in oil, acrylic and watercolor based on subject matter. Bill has been a full-time artist since 1993. He shows in several galleries in Oregon and California. His attention to detail is well-known, and it shows in both his large and small-format works.

Bonnie Junell features her work throughout Oregon, Washington and also Florida. She is an expressive realist and impressionist painter. Her work conveys mood and emotion through her texture and color. She can express complex subjects in simple form with her oil and acrylic works. Bonnie grew up in a family of artists, which grew her love of art early in life. She has been painting full-time since 2005.

Both artists work in images around them. The gallery show features many natural scenes from the area, and visitors will get a new look at familiar topics. Make sure to visit and view these wonderful works.

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