How to Make Your Gaming Art Look Good

What’s the first thing that attracts gamers to new video game titles? Graphics, game art, trailers, promos – the way that a video game looks and is presented will either cause players to show a high level of interest or result in low engagement. Consider what happens when you go into a bookstore in search of a new title to read. You might pick a shelf at random and look at the back covers of all the books to read all their synopsis, or you could do what 99% of other readers do which is to just look at the covers. In the gaming world, the On the Run car game has gotten rave reviews, simply based on the title’s impressive game art. If you are at work on a video game that already had a great back story for, make sure that you do it justice by including stellar art. Here’s how to ensure that your future gaming titles always look their best.

Hire an Artist to Draw the Conceptual Gaming Art

Before creating a good video game, you have to see it in your mind. While you may dream up detailed depictions of colorful backgrounds, smooth graphics, and lifelike characters, what appears in your game has to appeal to audiences. Remember that games like Minecraft are popular because of their simplistic designs, pixelated characters and vast worlds. Get a professional artist to draw mockups, character designs, backgrounds, and every other element of your video game that is going to be rendered.

Have Several Versions of Each Character Created

Do you have your mind set on featuring characters that all come from a similar background? What would happen if you made the main character five years older than you originally intended. In addition to potentially changing the direction of your video game itself, making tweaks to the appearance of each character might also change the trajectory of the story. Have versions of every character drawn in their default outfits, with different accessories, and at different stages of the game. The experience itself will be fun and it will also give you an example of how your finished gaming title might appear.

Make Changes to the Game Art

In the middle of creating a new video game you might find that it is impossible for you to release a title on the gaming engine that you’ve been working on. So, how would a switch to a new gaming engine change things? For one, your characters are going to look different. Players might have to play the game in a different way as well. If you have alternative versions of your game art available, transitioning from one engine to another won’t be hard or farfetched. Additionally, you will be able to keep the message of your game intact if you already have various versions of the conceptual game art drafted up.

Consider games like the Final Fantasy franchise. The very first games were made in the 1980s, and the series has continued now for 30 years. Players are still looking forward to the release of the next title even though the art has changed drastically.  However, it has been designed in such a way to keep gamers coming back for more.

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