Segregation of Smoke by Lisa Marie Sipe

Making A Mark, 6 Artists, 6 Mediums, 1 Weekend

During the three days of the Art in the High Desert festival in the Old Mill District, the Lubbesmeyer Studio and Gallery is being transformed into an intimate indoor art show. The Lubbesmeyers are introducing this inaugural fine art show entitled Making A Mark to showcase the work of prestigious, nationally collected artists who are new to Central Oregon’s art community.

This special three-day show and sale has something for everyone. Each of the artists works in a different medium and makes their mark in a unique way. Making A Mark brings together a variety of contemporary art available from painter JM Brodrick, mixed media artist Maeve Grogan, metal artist McKenzie Mendel, wood sculptor Chloe Raymond, acrylic and encaustic painter Lisa Marie Sipe and fiber artists Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer.
“We have incredibly positive experiences because of the exposure we get from being in our studio. We want to provide artists access to some of the same opportunities we’ve had. We chose the weekend of Art in the High Desert because it’s the perfect weekend to share these talented artists with an informed and enthusiastic audience,” said Lori Lubbesmeyer.
“In addition to providing the viewer a chance to collect an inspired piece of art, our hope is these artists will help further the conversation about art, the impact art has on a community and, conversely, how the community impacts the artist,” suggests Lisa Lubbesmeyer.
Along with their impressive list of exhibitions with museums and galleries, the artists are also recognized for their skilled approach to their media.
JM Brodrick, who will be featured in September’s issue of Southwest Art Magazine, masterfully plays with light in her figurative and representational acrylic paintings.

Maeve Grogan uses a variety of media to create ethereal, cognitive abstract paintings inspired by the cosmos.
McKenzie Mendel works in precious metals that are hammered, sculpted, etched and often finished with keum-boo, a Korean technique which fuses thin layers of gold to the surface of the piece.
Chloe-Raymond-CedarChloe Raymond has a deft hand at the time consuming art of modern woodcarving, creating wall and floor sculptures with abstract geometric shapes.
Lisa Marie Sipe takes her photographs of forest fires and flowers, dips them in wax and sculpts them to create three-dimensional wall work that looks like sculpted, smooth fabric. Sipe also sets natural found objects into a bed of encaustic wax, creating vibrant wall sculptures.
Hosts, Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer, “paint” using layers of stitched fabric to create bold landscapes, portraits and still-lifes.
During the weekend of August 28 the Old Mill District becomes the place to see the largest variety of art in Central Oregon. Collect the work of local and national artists showing at Lubbesmeyer Studio and Gallery, Tumalo Art Co. and Art in the High Desert.
Event dates: Friday and Saturday August 28 and 29 from 10am–6pm, and Sunday August 30, 10am–4pm at 450 SW Powerhouse Dr., #423 (second story loft in the Old Mill District).
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