Marigny Goodyear Art

(Artwork above: Seascape with Pelicans by Marigny Goodyear)

Ocean and surf obsessed artist, Marigny Goodyear, creates a series of work specifically for Bend, bringing aquascapes to the High Desert.

Up and coming Talent, Oregon artist Marigny Goodyear will debut her series, Naturals: Inescapable Inscapes of the Ocean Obsessed, at Legum Design in Bend (922 NW Bond Street, Bend, OR 97703). This solo show will open at 5pm on Friday June 1 as part of the First Friday Art Walk, and will be open to the public through the months of June and July.

An artist and surfer, Marigny’s passion for the ocean influences her practice of paper cutting and abstract expressionism, always leaning towards the aquatic. The natural link between her two loves, art and ocean, are expressed in this series as abstract seascapes, shown both above the surface, and submerged in the depths.

View a preview of Naturals at:

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