Mixed Mediums Hit the Old Mill

((L-R) Lindsay Gilmore, Kira Frances, Lindsey Luna Tucker and Alyson Brown | Photos courtesy of the Old Mill District)

The Stacks Welcomes Local Artists

The Old Mill is receiving a welcome upgrade that helps support local art while adding additional entertainment to the district, for locals and tourists alike. The Stacks Art Studios and Gallery is centrally located on SW Powerhouse Drive, just a few minutes’ walk from the shops and restaurants in the mill. This new studio and gallery space includes four sections; each leased out to an artist or two to present their work to the community, sell individual pieces and connect with other artists. “We’re excited to add more art to the district in a space that could have easily been just another office tenant,” said Beau Eastes, marketing director for the Old Mill District. “We feel like this brings some more energy and excitement to the area.”

There are currently five artists in the Stacks, each presenting new and unique art installations. Ashley Cascade Paggi, founder and owner of Ash Cascade Design, presents her graphic design expertise across a wide-range of industries. Outdoor gear, clothing, dinnerware, wallpaper, home goods and so much more have all been emblazoned with her signature Bohemian and retro design.

Alyson Brown is a photographer and stylist with a passion for flower-infused cocktails. This passion led her to publish a successful book, The Flower-Infused Cocktail: Flowers With A Twist. While photographing for that book, Alyson discovered a new passion for beverage photography and styling. Since then, she has worked with brands large and small to create eye-catching ads that are drenched in style. Her photography work is on display at the Stacks.

Originally from London, Kira Frances is an accomplished painter with years of experience. Her oil paintings challenge the viewer’s sense of perception and reality with small touches that might remind viewers of the various works of Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso.

Lindsey Luna Tucker is another oil painter, but her style should not be confused with Kira’s. Lindsey prefers a much more abstract design that also plays around with texture. Lindsey’s work leaves some interpretation to the viewer, who might find themselves getting lost in her colorful creations.

Last on the list of artists is Lindsay Gilmore, who shared some perspective on what this studio space means to her. A painter who worked from home from 2014 onward, Lindsay says she feels incredibly fortunate to have a studio space where she can present her work. “Since I work from home, I’ve been sharing pretty much all of my space with my four-year-old,” Lindsay said. “It’s been great to create a space where my work life can be separate from my home life.” Lindsay says that since she’s been at the Stacks, she has also been able to sell more of her work. “As opposed to keeping my work at home, now people can just stumble in and purchase a painting on a whim.”

The studio space helps artists like Lindsay in more ways than one. “The new space allows people to see the natural light reflect off of my metallic paints just right, which is tough to capture in a photo,” Lindsay said. “Plus, I can now draw inspiration from my studio view. Most of my work is outdoorsy, so it helps to actually have a nice view of the nearby mountains.” Additionally, the Stacks helps these artists connect with each other, which leads to collaborative projects. “I love the collaborative process,” Lindsay said. “This truly is a fun and inspiring space.”

When prompted about the long term plans for the studio, Beau mentioned that allowing flexibility for the artists is a high priority. “We love everyone we have now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if in two years we see some new artists in the studio.”

The Stacks Art Studios and Gallery is open to visitors now, but there will be an official launch day on August 5, the first Friday of the month.

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