New Perspective for May

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Ask for more definition on the 2nd and you could realize you have many options. Let the world know you are ready to make changes on the 3rd then begin making the necessary adjustments. Follow your heart on the 6th as it invites transformation in all of your relationships. Observe the choices that come available near the 8th and take a couple of days before you make a decision. 

Many things become obvious during the New Moon on the 11th. Decisions made on the 12th are done with confidence and will make a difference. Opportunities after the 13th bring completion and wishes begin to come true. An awkward feeling on the 15th is due to an increase in vulnerability combined with a new situation. Everything gets a lot easier on the 18th and you notice your heart starting to relax. 

Changing your mind on the 20th could come from second guessing your choices. Slow way down for a few days and let the dust settle. The Full Moon on the 26th brings truth and an invitation from the heart. Find some quiet time on the 29th and listen to your inner voice. Trust your intuition as you step into something new at the end of the month. Be gentle with your self as you realize how good it feels.

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Eileen Lock
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Listen for the song in your heart, find the melody and dance to the music.

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