New Perspectives for 2015 By Eileen Lock

What is your horoscope for the new year? Will there be new beginnings, appreciations, accomplishments or incredible changes. Read what our own local Clairvoyant Astrologer has to say.

Positive changes and forward motion are the theme for January. Settle in during February and find what works for you. March will find you showing the world your best side and being well received. April is a time to decide what you want to manifest and initiating the necessary changes. Stay flexible and open minded during May when miracles are a distinct possibility. Appreciate your family during June and realize how important they are to you. July moves quickly and it will be important to take good care of yourself. Pace yourself in August as doors begin to open for you. Be patient with relationships in September and realize they are simply trying to help. Focus on your work in October and recognize it may take some practice to get comfortable. Life is manifesting quickly in November and you will only be able to do what it is in your heart. December is a time for moving forward and realizing what is really possible.


January starts right out with changes that will get easier by the end of the month. February is a time to accept what your heart is telling you and for preparing for new beginnings. A fresh start in March is mixed with the need to still create some completion. April is more comfortable and you are able to take the steps you have been imagining. Be willing to change your direction a bit in May and you will discover there is more available to you than you previously understood. Self-nurturing becomes important in June so check in with yourself and your home to be sure you areGive yourself permission to move at your own pace during July and you will be able to accomplish more. Spend August imagining what you want your future to look like then begin opening up to your dreams manifesting. Find your own approach in September and remind yourself to slow down and take your time. October is all about manifestation and taking steps in the direction you want to go. November is an opportunity for your dreams to come true when you are willing to really let them happen. Celebrate in December with an optimistic attitude and be willing to inspire those around you.


You have complete support to enjoy yourself in January Slow down a little as you move into February and be willing to start something new. March is all about you and doing what you enjoy. Take care of responsibilities in April so that you can manifest what you say you want. Talk about everything in May so that others will know what your dreams are. More changes in June will be fun and will keep you busy. Check in with those around you in July and make sure you understand what you need to do. Opportunities are available in August if you are willing to focus and be optimistic. Your words can inspire others in September and you will find they want to cooperate with you. Be the responsible one in October and be proud of your choices. Hard work pays off in November and relationships will express appreciation. Let yourself enjoy December and realize what a wonderful life you have created.

A busy January will find you looking for ways to create more peace in your life. By February you will have found your sanctuary and you will be able to relax more often. Let others do their own thing in March and you can do the same. By April you are willing to take significant steps forward. Plans change for the better in May so stay flexible. June is all about taking time for you and it will be important to do whatever you need to. July will find you remembering who you are and being more like your true self. Take a chance in August and realize opportunities are becoming available. Celebrate being you in September and notice how much happier you are feeling. Follow your plan in October and you will very likely accomplish your goal. A noticeable healing happens in November and it has been a long time coming. Choose to be with those you enjoy during December and remind yourself that you are supported.

Decisions are made in January to create more independence. February is a time to keep it simple and do what you know you need to do. Take a few steps forward in March and you will inspire new beginnings. Be willing to take a back seat in April and realize changes are happening that will help you later. May brings lots of people who all want to talk to you and hear what you have to say. Continue to share your thoughts in June and realize you are creating change. July is a time to appreciate your self and consider doing something really nice for you. August brings opportunities that will create more definition in your life. Show the world the real you in September so the other people can show you how they feel about you. Find something you can do with others in October and appreciate your relationships. Give what you love your attention in November and watch the change that occurs. December is a great time to listen to what others have to say, you will be pleasantly surprised.

January finds you looking for a quiet space to relax after many busy days in the beginning of the month. Appreciate your privacy in February and know that you will be much busier in the near future. March has you involved in a wide variety of things that each ask for a different part of you. April will be about manifesting what you want and then realizing how you need it to be different than you thought. A very busy May will require patience with those you are interacting with. Many changes that continue into June will challenge you to find new approaches. July is a time that you will see the integration that you have been working so hard to create, enjoy it. Do something special for yourself in August with the promise that you will continue to make yourself more important from nowA busy social calendar in September will also be supporting other areas of your life. Relationships that are created in October will notice you for who you really are and they will appreciate you. November could find you completely amazed with what you have manifested in your life. Appreciate who you are in December and give yourself credit for working hard to get here.


The celebrations continue into January and it’s important to enjoy as much of it as possible. February will bring busy, then quiet, then more busy again so find the ebb and flow of your life. March is about keeping it simple and doing your own thing. Reorganize your life in April so that you can see how well you are doing. A fast pace in May brings new adventures and lots of joy.  Slow it down in June and let yourself catch up with yourself. Pick and choose your activities in July doing only what you really want to do. Let yourself shine in August and enjoy the opportunity to be you. Speak up in September and let yourself be heard. Continue to share your ideas in October and give others a chance to understand what you need. Realizations in November may need to be kept quiet, trust the timing of the unfoldment. Let your excitement show in December and realize you deserve all that has come your way.


Changes that happen in January are leading you a positive new way of living your life. By February you will feel good about yourself and the choices you are making. Keep it simple in March and stay focused on you. Do what you want to in April and realize how easy it is to do this. Be patient with those around you in May while they are all going through changes. After a busy start, June will settle down a bit and you will get the chance to relax. Give your home and family some attention in July and you will see that all is still good. By August you will be ready to do your own thing again, and that’s exactly what you need to do. You can pick and choose who you want to spend time with in September so choose the people you enjoy. Do your body a favor in October and remember how important it is to take good care of yourself. Everything falls into place in November and you will feel great about what occurs. Take a chance in December and do something that requires trust, this will create incredible changes.


Big decisions combined with noticeable changes are what January is all about. Slow it down in the beginning of February then be ready to go again at the end of the month. Take a leap of faith in March and let your heart guide the way. Get right to the point when you ask for what you want in April and be ready for it to manifest. Adjust your plan in May and make room for more changes. Take a time out in June and do something that feels really right. Listen to your heart in July when it asks you to trust what you are feeling. Backing up in August will create a sling shot effect that will throw you forward afterwards. Make a decision in September and be sure to follow through with it. Check in with yourself in October to be sure you are still on track for where you want to be. Accept what happens in November and realize this makes the situation feel more real. Make an announcement in December and you will be heard, be sure to say what you really mean.


Experiment with something new in January and learn from what happens. See the completion in February, then turn around and plant new seeds. Recognize the truth in March and do something based on what you have learned. Keep it simple in April and be as patient as possible. You will need to have blind faith in May while many things are changing. Be honest about how you feel in June and realize that is the only way you can move forward.  Do what makes you happy in July and realize it is always up to you to choose how you want to feel. Small opportunities in August will grow up later to be bigger and better. Step forward in September if you see something that you want. A gentle approach will be most helpful in October when people you care about are going through changes. Action taken in November will bring healing and will open doors in all of your relationships. Let December be an opportunity to begin living your life in a healthy, happy and prosperous way.


Be yourself and do what feels right in January. Follow your heart in February and allow yourself to be happy. A fresh start in March is exactly what you have been looking for, appreciate it. Check in with your body in April and be sure you are taking good care of it. May is a busy month and it’s important to enjoy it all along the way.  Give yourself a pep talk in June and be sure that your actions are the same as your words. A busy July invites you to return to where you have good memories. Remind yourself that this is your life in August and it is up to you to create an amazing life. Listen to your relationships in September and consider what is being said as important. Share your thoughts in October and understand why this needs to happen. Challenge yourself in November to do something bigger than ever before so that you can realize what you are capable of. Enjoy December and make a promise to keep considering the impossible.


Move towards what you want in January and have faith in your changes. Watch for what sparks you in February and consider bringing it into your life. Give yourself permission to do what you want in March and remind yourself that you are the one who will decide. Gently move into the world in April, taking small steps in the beginning. Consider doing more watching than doing in May and remember that it’s fine to do that. Move towards what feels right in June and let your self be nurtured by it. July provides the opportunity to be with those you love and enjoy their company. Being under the radar in August is fine and probably the healthiest approach. Let others help you in September and realize how easy it is for them to do this. Slow and steady is the way to move forward in October and remember to do it your way. Appreciate the magic that happens in November and let your heart get the healing that comes from it. Take a deep breath in December and know in your heart that you are exactly where you belong.

Love and Light Always,
Eileen Lock
Clairvoyant Astrologer
1471 NW Newport Ave.
Bend, Or 97701

Listen for the song in your heart, find the melody and dance to the music.

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