Art in Public Places Unveils Sculpture at East Bend Library


A wall sculpture by artist Troy Corliss boasts multi-colored glass leaf clusters.

The new sculpture will be on view to the public starting April 24. The sculpture titled Riparian Botanicals is a composition of different plant shapes and structures that are interwoven into a colorful botanical tapestry.  Multi-colored glass leaf clusters will be suspended away from the wall by forged steel frames and the various clusters of glass leaves will reflect and transmit subtle patterns of color and light on the walls. Riparian Botanicals is inspired by Corliss’s desire to connect the outdoors with the indoor environment. The sculpture is constructed of fused glass and forged steel.

Cristy Lanfri, member of Art in Public Places said, “Troy’s work is a rousing combination of bold steel forms shaping the elements, combined with the fragile, playful beauty of the glass…the wonderful colors are perfect for the children’s section of the library, and Art in Public Places is so pleased that the community responded so positively to Riparian Botanicals during our selection process.  We are delighted to have Troy Corliss’s work as part of the community collection.”

The sculpture by Troy Corliss was selected by the Art in Public Places Committee after a public input process in July 2011.  Models by the three finalists were on display at the East Bend Deschutes Public Library for two weeks last summer.

Corliss will be at the East Bend Library on Tuesday, April 24 to complete the installation of Riparian Botanicals.  A formal presentation of the artwork will take place at the East Bend Library at 9:30am and the public and media are welcome to attend and meet Corliss at that time.  For the remainder of the day the Library will be celebrating its One Year Anniversary at the East Bend location and the public is invited to stop by.

Funding for the public art is coming from Art in Public Places, a non-profit organization that provides art to various locations throughout the City of Bend.  The Bend Foundation, a non-profit founded and funded by Brooks Scanlon and Brooks Resources Corporation,  recently awarded a $500,000 matching grant to Art In Public Places for the purchase and installation of public art in the Bend city limits by the end of December, 2013.  Generous donations from the public raised over $500,000, resulting in the matching grant which will provide over $1 million for public art by the end of 2013.

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