Newcomer Artist Explores Local Landscape Through the Lens of Spirituality &  Language of Art

((left) Dominique Kongsli in DOMKO Studio, (right) a closeup of Forest Feast| Photo and artwork by Dominique Kongsli)

Artist Dominique Kongsli releases a collection of paintings for sale titled “Forest Feast.” This collection of original fine artworks is a celebration of life and speaks to broader depth of finding one’s way on the journey of the human experience.

The ideas presented in the Forest Feast collection discuss the exploration of nature, revelation of the “personalities” or “spirit of the land” in the form of trees, animals, rocks, water and mountains and ultimately, connection, joining in, care for and celebrating with the Creator of all of these things. Many of the paintings feature abstract and colorful trees, forests, lakes, rivers and mountains, which revel in pattern, and feature symbols and her signature “eye-like” markings on their faces.

“As a transplant from California and former surfer, I struggled to find my place in the community and my sport in nature. I didn’t really know how to approach this new landscape, which was so vastly different than my former coastal domain. I was determined to explore Bend through my paintbrush, and I used art as a way to cope with the changes of living in a new place. My pathway to acceptance, understanding and ultimately appreciation of my new home was to explore the trails, lakes and trees on the weekends, and ruminate on them when back in the art studio, thereby producing artwork that is reflective, contemplative, colorful and unique to Bend.”

One thread that can be witnessed in Dominique’s art is her colorful pattern work. “Creating pattern is a way for me to get lost in thought and submit to the subconscious mind when painting. I love the physical process of making repetitious brushstrokes. It provides me an opportunity to let my mind wander while slowly producing exciting combinations of color and shape. For me, it’s like walking in a meditation labyrinth, but with my hands and my paintbrush.”

Dominique’s paintings feature a variety of mediums: acrylic, oil and mixed media watercolor. Many of these artworks include hints of gold that morph through each medium she uses. Gold leaf, gold ink and gold oil paint can be found throughout this spirited body of work. “My multidisciplinary approach to creating artwork satisfies my desire to express an idea while using the best medium to bring the idea to fruition in each individual painting.”

“I am thrilled to display this collection of original artwork, which features abstractions of our local landscape. These are more than pretty pictures: they contain an essence that points to the connection between spirit and earth and are a joyful celebration of beauty.”

Kongli’s art is for sale at Wild Oregon Foods, 61334 S Hwy 97, Suite 360, Bend (near the Nike Outlet store). Store hours are Wednesday-Sunday, 7am- 3pm (Closed Mondays & Tuesdays).

The Forest Feast collection will be on display now until August during business hours at Wild Oregon Foods.

For further information about Dominique (DOMKO) Kongsli’s work, including information on commissioning artwork, other works for sale and her private art lesson offerings, please visit her website at or email to • (541) 749-0168 •



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