November First Friday

(Photo above: Desert Nocturne, oil on canvas by Janice Druian | artist on display at Franklin Crossing)

Alleda Real Estate
25 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste. 1,
Featuring photographers Dave Kamperman and Joel Bailie.
Kamperman states, “At its core, my passion for landscape photography stems from a deep desire to represent any subject in the most attractive and accurate way possible. I believe that it is very hard to improve on the designs the creator has formulated. In addition, I believe these designs deserve to be preserved for future generations to enjoy and study. The power of a photo is in reflecting the truest nature of its subject. My greatest privilege is to capture that precise moment that simply does not need to be enhanced.

“For the last ten years I have also been created unique custom frames starting with a rough-cut piece of solid hardwood. No two frames are exactly alike, even if they may come from the same board. It is always exciting for me to see exactly what the wood has to reveal when it is combined with the appropriate matting and image. For this reason I am enjoying the matting and framing aspect of my art — almost — as much as the photography itself.”,
Joel Bailie’s interest in photography was sparked in the early 1980s by the works of Ansel Adams and other well-known landscape photographers that followed him. Joel has always enjoyed photographing landscapes, and has recently found a special interest in studio lighting, which he often shoots in black and white. A few of his favorite subjects are sunsets, flowing water and flowers. Joel is a member of the Cascade Camera Club and has previously shown works at City Walls sponsored by the City of Bend, the Family Resource Center, as well as First Friday events.

Art in the Atrium, Franklin Crossing
550 NW Franklin St.
Featuring paintings by Janice Druian and Karen Bandy thru November 29. The artists will attend the November 3 opening.
Janice Druian resides on a remote edge of the Deschutes River canyon. The 180 degree vantage point of big sky and panoramic views of the Smith Rock area inspire her art. From this high desert vista, the artist notes her recent attraction to the “haunting beauty of nocturnes…those twilight and later hour images when the setting sun or moon glow further illumines the beauty of the uncluttered west.” Her exhibit paintings feature these dramatic nocturnes.

Druian’s award winning, expressionistic oils recently appeared at the invitation only, prestigious exhibit of the esteemed Arizona Mountain Oyster Club, noted to display “the finest in Western art…” She also participated in the juried competitions Yosemite Renaissance at the Yosemite National Park Museum and Cowgirl Up, the Other Half of the West, at the Desert Caballeros Museum, Wickenburg, AZ.

Karen Bandy, an artist since childhood, studied at the University of Oregon exploring drawing, painting, sculpture and design. Then in Portland, she created a successful career in jewelry design, continued upon her 1987 move to Bend where she also began a second career in painting.

Bandy’s current show of acrylic paintings reflects her progression from whimsical renderings of the high desert wildlife to her current exploration of expressionism. Her exhibit at Franklin Crossing features expressionistic imagery such as Soul Attraction, a depiction of recognizable human forms walking across a vast blue expanse defined as water, as well as abstract imagery, paintings without recognizable forms rendered in bright, complimentary hues.

During First Friday, Noi Thai serves wine and appetizers. Greg Druian, husband of featured artist Janice Druian, plays guitar. The Franklin Atrium (and Bond St. entrance) exhibition is open from 7am-7pm. Billye Turner, art consultant, coordinates the its exhibition schedule with info at, 503-780-2828.

Astir Agency
115 NW Oregon Ave., Ste. 30, 541-678-5889,
The Waldorf School of Bend Artworks- Light Vessel Project art exhibition is a celebration of the power of community based art. Our Light Vessel Project is a display of light vessels created from wool fiber and natural elements by our students, faculty and parents. Through this project we explore the idea of “Be the Light” and what that means to us, our children and as a community. How do we bring our light out into the world so that it may bring a brighter future for all?

This Light Vessel Project offers a beautiful expression of our community values in action. We believe that education is a collaborative effort and we strive to further ourselves as faculty, staff and parents to become exceptional role models for our children and to create an inclusive community.

At Liberty
849 NW Wall St.
The Little Stone Project hosts a photography exhibit by UK-based aptART (Awareness and Prevention Through Art), mixed-media paintings by Courtney Holton and sculpture by Gregory Fields.
Photographs from Paint Outside The Lines 2016 tells the story of aptART’s first project in the United States. This street art campaign in Portland shared with marginalized youth an artistic experience alongside the opportunity to express themselves.

Courtney Holton’s work melds historic photos of the Native American Cayuse people with large-scale painting. Courtney has shown his works in the U.S., Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland and France. A portion of the sales from this series go the Warm Springs Community Action Team.
Gregory Fields will exhibit the pillar sculpture, The Pollinator, from his large collection of ceramic Fieldscapes. Depicting the life-cycle of bees and butterflies, the dramatic and colorful obelisk stands at more than six-feet tall.

Bend Art Center
550 SW Industrial Way, Ste 180, 541-330-8759,
Inspired by the closing of Barnum & Bailey Circus this past spring, Terrebonne artist Dawn Emerson mines her memories of The Greatest Show on Earth. Full of saturated color and abstract spaces, Emerson’s empty circus rings and shadowy interiors of the big top have a haunting quality, as though the performers have just exited for the final time.

The few scenes still inhabited by show horses, lions and elephants feel almost like a mirage. Her series of acrobats, reduced to simplistic cut out shapes, feel like a visual memory of the danger and risk taking that were permitted under the big top. Using innovative combinations of pastel and monotype, Emerson captures a time, place and feeling that lives on in our imagination.
Bend Art Center will offer several circus-themed community art classes, talks and school programs in connection with the Cirque d’ Art exhibit. Emerson will share her creative pastel and monotype techniques in a workshop November 4-5.

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty
821 NW Wall St., 541-383-7600,
Featured artist Sandy Melchiori. Sandy will bring us her roosters, sheep and snowscapes to share in our downtown gallery office.
Sandy finds her inspiration to paint everywhere. She paints her interpretations with bold, colorful brushstrokes across the canvas. Her paintings are colorful and playful so come get caught up in the fun at our downtown gallery office.

Desperado Boutique
Old Mill District, 330 SW Powerhouse Dr. 541-749-9980
Featuring Bend artist Barbara Slater who is inspired by the “out west” way of life and cowboy culture with a touch of city glitz. Painting oils with energy and spirit, this artist’s pigmentation is rich and succulent, while her brushwork is bold and responsive.

5 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste. 106
Paintings by Cheryl Buchanan and Michelle Oberg thru November. Cherly’s interest in creating began as a child watching her mother paint. Her mom grew up in Alaska and studied under Rusty Heurlin, Alaska’s longest-tenured resident painter. Although her mom died when she was 11, Cheryl’s love of creating continued. Living in Central Oregon during the last four years, painting has become her outlet for creating. She finds the vast and beautiful country truly inspiring. Michelle says she is self-taught but she has studied figure drawing, figure sculpture, facial expressions, watercolor and color theory. In addition she took classes in Chinese Brush Painting and studied four years to learn the technique. Although a look at Michelle’s work reveals she is an accomplished artist, she says her learning efforts never stop, “You continue to grow in art; it is a way of life, and a wonderful trip.”

Jeffrey Murray Photography
118 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-325-6225,
Features American landscape and fine art images captured by Bend nature photographer, Jeffrey Murray. Visit and enjoy a visual adventure of illuminating light and captivating panoramas from scenes in Central Oregon and across North America.

John Paul Designs Custom Jewelry + Signature Series
1006 NW Bond St.,
Specializing in unique, one of a kind wedding and engagement rings in a variety of metals.

Junque in Bloom
50 SE Scott St.
SageBrushers artists Peggy Ogburn and Barbara Shannon. Peggy has found watercolor painting an inspiration with its flow of color so she spent the last few years mastering it. She uses transparent watercolors with emphasis on negative painting. Peggy loves flowers and painting those is her specialty. Barbara liked to draw as a child and took a few art classes but did little with it until retirement when she took oil painting lessons and later watercolor. She calls herself a “copyist” and is trying to be more lose and creative.

Karen Bandy Design Jeweler
25 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste. 5, 541-388-0155,
Tucked between Thump coffee and Alleda Real Estate, Karen Bandy a Central Oregon national/international award-winning jewelry designer and abstract painter, specializing in custom design in downtown Bend since 1987. Her designs are bold, fun and very wearable.
Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30-5, First Fridays and by appointment.

Layor Art + Supply
1000 NW Wall St., Ste 110, 541-322-0421,
Summit High School art students will be featured this November at Layor Art + Supply. Don’t miss this annual exhibit from our local budding artist! They will be showing everything from ceramics to oil paintings. This is a great opportunity to support our young people.

Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery
Old Mill District, second story loft, 541-330-0840,
The Lubbesmeyer twins offer a range of work created in fiber and paint. Through the twins’ collaborative process, they distill literal imagery into vivid blocks of color and texture, creating an abstracted view of their surroundings. Working studio / gallery open Tuesday thru Saturday.

Mockingbird Gallery
869 NW Wall St., 541-388-2107,
Fourth Annual Mockingbird A-Z, a group show with a wide range of subject matter featuring new paintings, bronze sculpture and mixed media from a number of the gallery artists. Stop by on First Friday to mingle with the artists, sip a glass of wine and to enjoy a night of jazz provided by Rich Hurdle and Friends. Thru November.
November artists are inspired by nature, wildlife, people and places. Each artist will utilize this opportunity to share their unique approach and individual inspiration with the public. Expect a wide variety of subjects highlighting this broad spectrum of talents in a cohesive and pleasurable viewing experience.

Oxford Hotel
10 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-382-8436
Celebrating the Magical Season presenting Susan Busik’s colorful acrylic paintings continuing thru January 6, 2018. Busik will attend the champagne opening on First Friday, November 3, from 5:30-7:30pm.

Busik’s whimsical, intricately patterned paintings celebrate her Latina heritage. Learning in her forties of her background, she sought to connect to those roots through the surrealistic images and brilliant color of magical realism, present in traditional Mexican Folk Art.

The artist painstakingly taught herself the complexity of the folk art’s design and color. Present in her current paintings, the process yielded a fearless painter, contently connected to her past.
She recently added new images to her symbolic paintings including a young Latina with a bird perched atop her head and mystical renderings of juniper and ponderosa pine trees, lighted by full moons. The trees are from childhood memories of her backyard in Sisters; she fondly recalls the dramatic shadow of a giant ponderosa pine against the evening sky.
The Oxford lobby exhibition is open all hours. Billye Turner, art consultant, coordinates the hotel’s exhibition schedule with info at 503-780-2828,

Peterson/Roth Gallery
206 NW Oregon Ave, Ste. 1, 541-633-7148,,
Fall Exhibition featuring the work of Central Oregon artists Ken Roth and Chris Cole thru end of December. Just below Silverado, serving wine and cheese for First Friday.
Ken Roth has been working as an artist/educator for 25 years. He has taught art at all educational levels as well as conducted painting workshops. He considers teaching an integral part of his creative process. Ken is well-known for his oil paintings of birds, especially hawks and ravens, and his abstract landscapes.
Chris Cole brings life to incredible combinations of machinery and wildlife, creating wings from metal and glowing eyes made of recycled bike lights. As his animatronics twist and curl with a realistic grace, the inspiration from the natural world is apparent and surprising, given his chosen medium.

Red Chair Gallery
103 NW Oregon Ave., 541-306-3176,
November brings a chill but we will warm you up with colorful glass and fiber arts perfectly suited to the season. Rita Dunlavy creates mosaic art in both traditional and fused glass methods. She believes that contemporary and organic materials enhance traditional mosaics and bring energy into the artwork. The joy of each piece is found in the fact that much is left to the imagination in each surprising finished piece.

Deb Borine loves kiln fused glass and her passion is expressed in the beautiful glass “paintings,” bowls and a variety of other pieces she creates. Each piece is unique and her painted pieces beg to be placed in a space that will allow the light to shine through. Autumn trees, sunflowers and much more adorn her latest works.
The Way We Art, Cindy Bennett and Tricia Biesmann, create beautiful unique and functional nuno-felted wearable art. The magic of how the fibers and fabrics bond together in each creation keeps Cindy and Tricia excited about the endless possibilities inherent in their process.

Sacred Art at Good Grief Guidance
33 NW Louisiana Ave., 541-647-7915,
Grief is the universal language. Whether through death, divorce, illness, loss of dreams, feelings of loneliness or abandonment, or ecological and social upheaval, grief is a normal, human experience.

Journey into the sacred art of grief and discover how the pain and suffering of living is transformed into a place of personal empowerment — within the self, in relation to others and one’s engagement with the larger community. Indeed, grief and darkness deserve gratitude. Grief is an opening which allows healing and growth so that we may live into the beauty of who we are, and to find ourselves within one another.

Just as we all live with grief, creation is a human calling. The brave graduates of the Good Grief program, including teens and adults from the community as well as men from the Deer Ridge Correctional Facility in Madras, have volunteered to share their newfound beauty of well-being with the larger community of Bend. We offer a visual representation of the transformation of grief through the offerings at Good Grief Guidance. From weavings, paintings and photographs to poetry, love letters and personal mythologies, the channeling of the creative spirit enables us to reshape our life story so that we may thrive in the face of suffering.

Please join us for food and drinks as we celebrate the loving wholeness which is ever present within each of us.

Sage Custom Framing and Gallery
834 NW Brooks St., 541-382-5884,
Presenting the latest work of the Plein Air Painters of Oregon thru November 25, reception First Friday November 3 from 4:30-7:30pm.
Although based in Bend, membership comes from Washington thru Northern California and the group paints in locations all over the state of Oregon. The November show consists of the latest works done by the group in such locations as Indian Ford Meadow, Cascade Lakes, The Steens, Smith Rock and more.
En plein air is a French expression which means “in the open air,” and is used to describe the act of painting outdoors. Plein air artists see and embrace the landscape unvarnished, describing for the viewer the beauty before them. These artists brave cold, heat, wind, mosquitoes, etc. to capture a fleeting moment in time — an adventure like no other.

Townshend’s Bend Teahouse
835 NW Bond St., Carissa Glenn, 541-312-2001,
Featuring Galactic Fantasia, ink and watercolor by aspiring illustrator, Katie Culberston, who has been a Bendite for over a decade. Working with ink and watercolor Culbertson grasps the vibrancy and versatility of both media and expresses mood and style in her artwork focused on fantasy and particularly fantasy involving outer space.

Tumalo Art Company
Old Mill District,, 541-385-9144
November Group Show, Sharing Magic: Central Oregon Iconic Landscapes, from 4-8pm during the First Friday Gallery Walk. Gallery artists have created new works celebrating the landscapes Central Oregon is known for.

Bruce Jackson introduces Sanctuary, a new limited edition fine art photograph taken at Wizard Falls on the Metolius River. Janice Druian shows new Nocturne oil paintings, Helen Brown portrays Tower Theatre and the ‘Art’ sculpture downtown in her distinctive watercolor batik style, Susan Luckey Higdon paints Steelhead Falls—these are just a few of the diverse subjects depicted by over 15 Tumalo Art Co. artists in the show.

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