Oregon Artist Lisa Wiser to Display Landscape Paintings at the Black Butte Ranch Lodge Gallery

(Big Meadow, acrylic (left) and Off Road (right) by Lisa Wiser)

Oregon Landscape Artist Lisa Wiser announced a solo exhibit of 24 recent paintings at the Black Butte Ranch Lodge Gallery during the months of June and July.

The inspiration for these representational works is found in the richly hued landscape and seasonal color of the Willamette Valley, Metolius basin, Black Butte Ranch and surrounding areas of Central Oregon. This prolific artist has been visiting the area since the early 70’s when her father designed the Golf Course Condominiums at Black Butte Ranch.

The exhibit includes smaller plein air paintings and larger works both depicting familiar scenes from the region. Lisa loves to paint outdoors breathing in the essence of her subject where she works in oils. During cooler months the warmth and convenience of her home studio welcomes her to compose larger more detailed paintings in acrylic on canvas.

“I have found that each painting develops a childlike personality as I work,” said Lisa. “Some are very cooperative and others simply misbehave. I enjoy intuitively guiding the process towards the finishing touches and the maturity of the final result.”

Lisa is a member of The Plein Air Painters of Oregon located in Bend, The Rainspark Gallery and Lake Area Artists in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She is looking forward to her fourth year on the 2019 Portland Open Studios Tour and as a guest artist with Local 14 in Portland. Her work can be seen at LisaWiser.com, @lisafinchwiser and @winterlitestudios.

LisaWiser.com • blackbutteranch.comlisa@lisawiser.com

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