Pianist Combines Outdoor Adventure with Live Music Performance

(Photos courtesy of Paula Dreyer)

Ski by candlelight while wearing wireless headphones to hear pianist and composer Paula Dreyer perform her original Piano Flow Live set.

The trails of Virginia Meissner Sno-Park will be illuminated by candlelight to keep skiers in range of the gorgeous sounds from Paula Dreyer’s Piano Flow Live set, which draws upon influences from classical, film, Spanish, and improvised music. Bring a mug of wine or beer to enjoy apres ski! Hot cocoa and cider will be provided.

“Many people in Bend love outdoor adventure and live music, so why not combine the two?” creator and performer Paula Dreyer says. “I think this entrancing set of piano music from my album Central Star combined with the rhythmic flow of cross-country skiing will complement the peaceful and mysterious mood of winter. I hope to create a unique and calming experience that people will always remember.”

Come and celebrate winter in an unforgettably magical way with live piano music and cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing on Saturday, February 11 from 5:45-6:45pm or 7:30-8:30pm. Tickets and headphones are limited and must be reserved.

Tickets 1st Showpianoflowlive3.eventbrite.com
Tickets 2nd Showpianoflowlive4.eventbrite.com

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You can follow Paula on Instagram at @paula.dreyer.music.

Pianist, Composer and Educator
Creator of Little Gems for Piano and Piano Flow Online Program

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