From Pigs to Politics: Bev Clarno Publishes Her Autobiography

(Photos above courtesy of Bev Clarno)

Bev Clarno’s lifetime of service has offered up a new gift in the form of her recently released autobiography, From Pigs to Politics. The book chronicles Clarno’s earliest childhood memories, career in government and concludes with her current thoughts on politics in America.

Over the years Clarno has been asked what it was like to serve in the Senate but oftentimes found that she did not have time to provide a thorough answer. The book was written in an effort to share what the world of politics looks like from the inside.

“I feel like so much of the political information we get comes through the media and we don’t get the full picture. When writing the book I had the freedom to give my opinions on what is right and what is wrong in politics and encourage people to help make changes by getting involved,” Clarno said.

The book is made up of brief stories and recollections from Clarno’s personal and political life that helped mold her into the leader and activist she became in her professional career. Each snippet captures a moment in time where through some trying situation she overcame, survived and became stronger and more empowered as a result.

Clarno is a retired politician who became the first female Republican Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives in 1995. In 2000 she was elected to the Oregon State Senate and served from 2001 to 2003.

In 2005 Clarno retired and returned to her home in Redmond to spend more time with her husband, grandchildren and to write her memoir. She diligently waded through old notes, diaries, letters and newspaper clippings that she had saved over the years to piece together her complete autobiography.

“I had a habit of writing notes on each day of my calendars over the years and I saved each calendar. I kept all the news clippings from when I was in the legislature and I used these as reminders when writing the book,” Clarno said.

From Pigs to Politics is written in chronological order and divided by the segments of Clarno’s life and political career. It was written with the intent to instill a desire to better understand the political process, encourage readers to become more educated and engaged in the political process and to inspire women and young people to overcome adversity and achieve anything they desire.

“People sign up to fight in war but rarely run for political office or get involved in their local politics. We need good people to step up and get involved in government. When people don’t run for office the changes they want to see will not happen,” Clarno said.

Clarno promotes her book at local signings and will soon have it available for purchase on Amazon.

From Pigs to Politics is an uplifting, encouraging and educational book that can be appreciated by all. The life lessons, wisdom, values, history and political insight that Clarno provides are organized in an accessible fashion make the book approachable and a fascinating read especially for Oregonians.

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