Quick Ways to Find People on the Web

It’s not easy to track down someone with whom you lost contact a while ago. There’s plenty of free info available on the internet, and nowadays it’s way easier to find someone online. Some of the tools are free and they’re the best ones out there. The results for people search are reliable.

We’ve written this article to give you a list of sources which will help you find persons online. Don’t pay anyone to find this kind of info, especially online.


We all know that Google is a search engine. But not many know that it’s much more than that. It offers you many search tools that are great when it comes to finding people on the web. You can find phone numbers, images and even the exact location of the person.

Family Tree Now

This one is a very popular genealogy site that gives you important personal info about a person, and it’s all free. You also don’t need to make an account. You can get pretty much anything from census records, to birth dates and even phone numbers. It’s kind of creepy, but it’s very useful.


This one is a free people search engine, that offers a lot of info. It updates its records constantly, and it does it according to the info that’s publicly available. This means that you can search for info that’s available to the general public – and all for free. If you don’t want your info to appear on this site, you can ask them to remove it.

People Search Sites

There are numerous sites out there that focus on finding people and data about them, like online phone directories or even photos. They’re quite good sites when it comes to finding business phone numbers or census data.

Obituaries and Death Notices

Nowadays, information on the internet is limitless, and obituaries are kind of tricky to find, since they’re published by local, state or city newspaper. You can check the newspaper from a person’s hometown, if you’re able to do that – it might help you a lot. There are some ways in which you can find present and past obituaries on the web, all you have to do is to know the right technique. If you don’t know the hometown, but you know the name of the person, then you can try to look for it on Ancestry.com. You might find the date of death and the city where the person used to live. From there, you can check local newspapers.


Everyone has heard of Facebook, and about 1.5 billion users use it every day. You can use it to find a person, organization, even company and brands. However, you do need to have an account to navigate on this site.

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